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CS Technologies Adds EVO HLI

CS Technologies Adds EVO HLI For Alarm Communicators.

CS Technologies Adds EVO HLI For Alarm Communicators.

CS Technologies Adds EVO HLI – CS Technologies has announced that new EVO boards now have high-level integration with most leading alarm communicators.

CS Technologies Evolution products integrate access control, intrusion detection, and building automation into a unified solution.

With this latest update, users can now receive alarm push notifications, control areas/doors and receive video verification of events through their back-to base-alarm communicator.

CS Technologies’ Evolution Management software is free, with no licensing fees, and having reviewed the system before, we’ve found that it’s capable, quick to setup and intuitive to use.

CS Technologies Adds EVO HLI For Communicators

An EVO solution consists of a network of EVO controllers, each of which controls a group of doors, an elevator or alarm processor. Controllers are fully distributed and contain all programming necessary for seamless continuous operation regardless of the rest of the system.

The system has considerable capability – a single EVO 4 controller has 22 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs, 2 point identification gadget (PIG) ports and 4 onboard relays. A total of 128 intelligent controllers can be linked per site consisting of door and elevator configurations.

You can find out more about CS Technologies’ solutions from your local distributor, learn more here, or read more SEN news here.

CS Technologies Adds EVO HLI Features

  • Database stored within the controller
  • 4 door controller with request to exit
  • 40,000 User Capacity Per Controller
  • 12,500 Transactions
  • Door monitoring
  • Options include anti pass back
  • Carpark counter
  • Integrates with Dahua cameras
  • Alarm outputs
  • 40 time zones
  • Supports a wide range of readers and credentials
  • Fully controlled by Evolution software (no charge)
  • Operated by 12VDC
  • Dedicated controller
  • Operates a wide range of electric locking devices
  • Audit trail
  • 100 per cent Australian made and designed.

“CS Technologies Adds EVO HLI For Alarm Communicators.”

CS Technologies Adds EVO HLI 2 LR
CS Technologies adds EVO HLI for alarm communicators.
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