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Paxton Net2 Access Control System Integrates With 6 More Thermal Scanners

Paxton has updated its Net2 systems software and made 6 new thermal scan integrations available to boost installer and end-user flexibility to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus in sites installed with its Net2 access control system, according to the company.

“Currently in the access control industry thermal scanners are seeing a significant rise in demand – this is due to the symptom commonly associated with the virus, of a consistently high temperature,” said Paxton’s global product manager, Steve Rowlands.

As global scientific evidence suggests, one of the most common symptoms of coronavirus is a fever with a temperature above 98.6°F. Paxton says the way in which a site manages the process after detection can be greatly supported by using Net2 access control.

“By utilizing thermal scanning in combination with access control, we are able to further reduce a building’s risk by denying access to people with a heightened temperature” Rowlands said.

The new thermal scanning integrations are said to complement Paxton’s recent software updates: Occupancy management, flexible access permissions and checkpoint control. When these elements are combined, a system administrator can set up designated checkpoints to manage the flow of people and reduce overcrowding as well as maintain social distancing.

When monitoring and approving an individual’s well-being, this can be achieved by a manual or automated validation. Checkpoints with thermal scanning detection can also be set up in multiple areas across a site and managed remotely.

“The user presents their physical token, and their temperature is taken simultaneously by the thermal scanner. Access is permitted if their temperature is in the acceptable range and their token is valid. If a valid token is presented but their temperature is too high, their access is denied. This process takes less than a second and works in conjunction with Net2 access levels and our new series of COVID-secure feature updates,” explains Rowland.

The following thermal scanners have been tested to work with Net2 and have various levels of integration:

* Suprema FaceStation 2
* Dahua thermal temperature station
* Hikvision face recognition terminal
* ZKTeco SpeedFace terminal
* Videocon thermal analysis system
* Genie detection terminal
* Invixium Titan facial reader.


* Thermal scanning solutions used in Australia must be certified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

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