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Protection From Intruders And Water Leaks

Protection From Intruders And Water Leaks With AJAX LeaksProtect And WaterStop.

Protection From Intruders And Water Leaks – AJAX security systems with LeaksProtect and WaterStop provide security and an automatic water leak prevention system with professional-grade reliability.

According to Ahmad Ali, AJAX product manager from DAS, AJAX wireless water leak detectors can prevent flooding from the first drops.

“As soon as water seeps onto one of the 4 pairs of sensors, the system instantly activates an alarm,” Ali explains. “Notifications about flood are transmitted to users via AJAX mobile app and the alarm monitoring company. What’s more, the WaterStop valve can automatically shut off the water until emergency services arrive.

Protection From Intruders And Water Leaks With AJAX

“Ajax water leak prevention system wirelessly works with Ajax alarm system which is proven for its ease of use and reliability. This leak prevention system goes a step further to protect premises from water leak accidents and significant costs required to repair the damage,” says Ali.

“Ability to turn water on/off based on arm state of alarm system is ideal for domestic, SMB, and short-term rental market.”

According to Ali, if the leak is insignificant or water seeped onto contact accidentally the detector reports drying as quickly as leakage.

“This small battery-powered wireless device with 1300m range can be placed in hard-to-reach places – under washing machines, kitchen sinks and toilet stalls – and work 24/7 without need for maintenance using 2 AAA 3V batteries that can last up to 5 years.”

Meanwhile, Ajax WaterStop turns water off based on water leak alarms, by schedule or by arm state of the alarm system. Its actuator works on batteries for up to 3 years while being able to shut off the water in a matter of seconds. A command to do this is delivered by the Jeweller radio protocol that has a range of up to 1100m and features encryption, frequency hopping, and jamming detection.

WaterStop has compact dimensions and delivers tampering alerts to protect against dismantling, a lock for places with public access, and a lever for manual control — all work against typical troubles, especially for plumbers.

WaterStop consists of 2 elements. The first is a RuB brass ball valve, produced by Bonomi Industries, one of the market leaders. It can be one of 3 sizes: ½, ¾, and 1 inch, featuring a standard ISO 5211 mount. All valves are suitable for hot and cold water.

Protection From Intruders And Water Leaks With AJAX WaterStop 1
Protection From Intruders And Water Leaks 3

The second element is Ajax’s 8.2-newton electric actuator which plays the role of a control unit for the valve. It has 2 powering options: 4 CR123A batteries and a connector for 9 V⎓. But even on batteries only, WaterStop will work for up to 3 years, enabling simple, wireless installation.

All the electronic components are protected against overheating and can work at an ambient temperature of up to 60C. At the same time, WaterStop can be installed on a pipe with a water temperature of up to 120C.

In case of a water leak, the electric actuator will shut off the water in 5 seconds. With a damaged ¾-inch pipe, 5 seconds equals just a litre of water.

WaterStop can be installed in one of 4 positions and has a lever to shut off the valve without tools for added convenience. Users have options to control the valve on-site (button on the actuator enclosure or a lever on the valve), can check the status from the valve’s indicator, and is notified when installation or batteries are incorrect.

Users can also leverage the AJAX app for full awareness and control over the water supply. They can see the valve status, receive instant notifications, and shut off the valve with a tap on a smartphone. The interface features the event log that records every action within the system.

Protection From Intruders And Water Leaks With AJAX

Using the app, WaterStop can be controlled from anywhere in the world where the Internet is available.

“Plumbers and security professionals can leverage the PRO apps to set up various automation scenarios to keep a facility dry without user intervention,” Ali says. “Automation scenarios and stuck prevention for WaterStop valves are set up in a few clicks, both on-site and remotely via the AJAX app.”

Stock and support of LeaksProtect, WaterStop and other AJAX devices are available at DAS. Visit your nearest DAS branch for a live demonstration or contact your DAS representative here to place orders. There’s more SEN news here.

“Protection From Intruders And Water Leaks With AJAX LeaksProtect And WaterStop.”

Protection From Intruders And Water Leaks With AJAX WaterStop 2 LR
Protection from intruders and water leaks with AJAX WaterStop.



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