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Protege X System Unifies Properties

Protege X System Unifies Properties In The Cloud.

Protege X System Unifies Properties In The Cloud.

Protege X System Unifies Properties – Protege X from ICT brings multiple properties together under a single secure instance in the cloud.

According to ICT, the benefits of cloud topology include that it negates the need for multiple competing systems, and hugely simplifies programming and implementation, management, and control.

Operating multiple locations as a single place, consolidates all systems, making management easier and giving relevant decision makers enhanced situational awareness across an entire organisation.

Cloud also allows installers to pre-program the Protege X system before hardware is installed, while centralized programming of the system means there’s no need to duplicate programming and databases across multiple on-location door access controllers, improving installation efficiency and removing inherent security risks associated with multiple user databases.

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Protege X System Unifies Properties 3

Centralized controllers also mean easier system management. Users can more easily add, edit, or remove users for all connected places and locations from a single user portal. They can also administer access rights across all locations, to ensure people aren’t entering areas they shouldn’t be.

Protege X System Unifies Properties In The Cloud

Reporting is easier to create and easier to manager, too. Users can understand what’s happening across all locations using 1 interface. And advanced reporting is enabled thanks to PowerBI, which can be used to analyze a single location or the entire place to uncover operational efficiencies.

Protege X is scalable from small and medium businesses to global enterprises. Adding new sites to a Protege X system is a matter of connecting site controllers to the Protege X cloud server during the installation process.

Once multiple sites are connected to the system users can self-monitor and control any number of locations from a smart phone using the Protege Mobile App. They can add users, open or lock doors, and report on daily events from any device connected to a Protege X system, wherever they are in the world.

You can find out more about Protege X here or by contacting your ICT distributor – there’s more SEN news here.

“Protege X System Unifies Properties In The Cloud.”

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