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PTA CCTV Network Winners

WA PTA CCTV network winners announced.

PTA CCTV Network Winners have been announced.

WA PTA CCTV network winners announced.

PTA CCTV Network Winners – WA Government has announced the winners of a panel contract for equipment and cameras for Public Transport Authority’s CCTV Network.

The successful security and automation integrators for this large system include Secom Technical Services, Convergint Technologies Australia, SAGE Automation and Zenien.

Public Transport Authority needs to procure CCTV cameras and related accessories that can be supplied on a short lead time to maintain the present network under a proposed panel contract arrangement.

According to the original tender, the supplied goods must comply with the current PTA CCTV backend system configurations to support PTA’s present CCTV network. The PTA will consider alternative brands and/or products where the tenderer has initially submitted compliant brands and/or products.

Western Australia’s Public Transport Authority is the primary supplier of public transport services in Western Australia and is responsible for the following transport services:

  • Rail, bus and ferry services in the metropolitan area (Transperth)
  • Public transport services in regional centres (TransRegional)
  • Coach and rail passenger services to regional areas (Transwa)
  • School bus services
  • Designing, building and maintaining transport infrastructure
  • Protecting the long-term viability of the state’s freight rail corridor and infrastructure.

See the PTA CCTV Network Winners announcement here and more tenders from SEN here.

“WA PTA CCTV network winners announced.”

PTA CCTV Network Winners
PTA CCTV Network Winners have been announced.



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