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Troubleshooting Video Over Coax

Troubleshooting Video Over Coaxial Cable.Troubleshooting Video Over Coax - We had an enquiry during the week from a youngish tech in Victoria who had been asked by a customer to install an analogue CCTV...

Fortis Security Seeks Security Technician

Fortis Security Seeks Security Technician For Commercial Applications.Fortis Security Seeks Security Technician - Fortis Security, a technology-centric, network and electronic security system integrator that designs, manages, and installs large commercial systems for a variety...


IDIS DR-3516P-2TB NVR Released By DAS.IDIS DR-3516P-2TB NVR - IDIS has recently released its new NDAA-Compliant DR-3516P-2TB NVR, exclusively available at DAS.“Superseding the 4316PS-2TB model, the mid-range DR-3516P-2TB has advanced features at a cost-effective...

PTA CCTV Network Winners

WA PTA CCTV network winners announced.PTA CCTV Network Winners - WA Government has announced the winners of a panel contract for equipment and cameras for Public Transport Authority’s CCTV Network.The successful security and automation...

Win With Milesight From LSC

Win With Milesight From LSC Take Flight Promotion.Win With Milesight From LSC – Installers can win a 4K-resolution mini drone valued at $A949) with the 'Take Flight with Milesight' promotion from LSC.Entry into the...

VMS Will Rocket To $50 Billion

Global VMS will rocket to $US50 billion at a growth rate of more than 20 per cent.Global VMS will rocket to $US50 billionVMS will rocket to $50 billion - Video management system market size...

New Wisenet XNF-9013RV 12MP Fisheye

EOS Releases New Wisenet XNF-9013RV 12MP AI FisheyeNew Wisenet XNF-9013RV 12MP Fisheye – EOS has released the new 12MP XNF-9013RV fisheye camera.It features advanced AI technology that can accurately classify objects and perform object...

World’s Worst CCTV Cameras

World’s Worst CCTV CamerasWorst CCTV CamerasWorld’s Worst CCTV CamerasWorld's worst CCTV cameras - What are the qualities of the world’s worst CCTV cameras?The world’s worst CCTV cameras use plastic lenses with wide tolerances producing...

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