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New Wisenet XNF-9013RV 12MP Fisheye

EOS Releases New Wisenet XNF-9013RV 12MP AI Fisheye.

EOS Releases New Wisenet XNF-9013RV 12MP AI Fisheye

New Wisenet XNF-9013RV 12MP Fisheye – EOS has released the new 12MP XNF-9013RV fisheye camera.

New Wisenet XNF-9013RV 12MP Fisheye

It features advanced AI technology that can accurately classify objects and perform object detections, such as virtual line and area detections. These capabilities allow the camera to detect and alert on specific events such as crossing a virtual line or loitering in a virtual area.

New Wisenet XNF-9013RV 12MP Fisheye

According to EOS, the camera also boasts improved image quality, with features such as Extreme WDR (wide dynamic range) and WiseNR, which enhances the overall image quality and allows for clear and detailed images even in challenging lighting conditions.

XNF-9013RV has been designed with cybersecurity in mind, with features such as device certification, TPM 2.0, and a secure operating system. The camera also has reinforced durability, with a metal-shielded RJ-45 and an IP66, NEMA4X, and IK19 rating, making it suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments.

In addition to its advanced AI and security features, the XNF-9013RV also has adjustable IR distance with WisePower, and it comes with accessories such as a black skin cover and a tilted wall mount that are sold separately.

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“New Wisenet XNF-9013RV 12MP Fisheye”



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