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Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Enables Face Recognition

QOLSYS reports that disarm images captured by the 5MP panel camera on the IQ Panel 2 Plus now include face recognition enabled by the Alarm.com platform.

“This is a tremendous upgrade to our combined solution,” says Qolsys SVP of sales & marketing Mike Hackett. “It again demonstrates software’s power to unlock hardware’s potential and provide innovative features that increase customer engagement.”

Alarm.com’s Unexpected Activity Alerts for Face Recognition provide property owners the ability to monitor for unauthorized code sharing and receive alerts whenever the person using a disarm code is different from the person assigned to that code, according to the announcement.

The alerts include a disarm image taken at the panel, so customers can see who accessed their home and take immediate action as needed. This feature is currently available to customers using the Qolsys IQ Panel 2.

“We’re using face recognition to enhance Unexpected Activity Alerts, which help our service provider partners deliver even more value to their customers,” says Daniel Kerzner, chief product officer at Alarm.com. “Our technology delivers a new layer of protection by proactively alerting property owners to unexpected activity at their home or business — in this case, unauthorized user code sharing.”


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