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Qolsys iQ4 With PowerG

Qolsys iQ4 security and automation panel now comes with duplex PowerG wireless.

Qolsys iQ4 security and automation panel now comes with duplex PowerG wireless.

Qolsys iQ4 With PowerG – New Qolsys iQ4 With 2000-metre, 128-bit encrypted PowerG duplex wireless technology has just arrived at BGW Technologies.

Robert Meachem GM for BGW Technologies said team was very excited about the release of the Qolsys iQ4 solution.

“The much-anticipated release of iQ4 in Australia is here,” Meachem said. “Qolsys iQ2 set the benchmark in the industry for the next generation of security alarms, but what’s more it became the go-to product for the interactive integrated alarm, wireless, smart home, intercom and CCTV all controlled through one app.

“The Qolsys iQ4 With PowerG takes another step with a bunch of upgrades but comes not only the standard 433Mhz TX devices, but now comes in the top of the range DSC PowerG 2-way smart TX/RX devices.”

With the news of some traditional Alarm manufacturers looking to exit the industry, this new iQ4 tech is a must-try product said BGWT’s Senior Product Manager – Stanley El Komala.

Qolsys iQ4 With PowerG 2
New Qolsys IQ4 features QuadSound speakers.

Qolsys iQ4 With PowerG

“Imagine a product with features such as an all-in-one controller with an integrated 7-inch touch screen, dual path 4G LTE and Ethernet comms, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave and DSC wireless,” said El Komala.

“Now, add an 8MP camera, glass break, quad speakers, 2-way voice, music streaming, remote Bluetooth arming, geo-fencing, photo frame and onboard end user how-to videos. What’s more, the Qolsys i-Q4 takes advances of the full range of Alarm.com integrated products, such cameras, video doorbells, locks, and more.

According to El Komala, the big deal with the new iQ4 is the very attractive addition of the well respected and proven DSC PowerG wireless devices which are shared across both the DSC NEO hybrid alarm, as well as the Qolsys-iQ4 platforms, which means alarm installers need only one set of wireless devices.

“The Qolsys iQ4 With PowerG has 2Km of range free air, 128-bit encryption, dynamic battery saving technologies and more than 25x wireless devices including 100 per cent wireless keypads, indoor and outdoor wireless sirens and repeaters – it’s very powerful performance from a proven manufacturer backed by a distributor offering unwavering support.”

You can contact BGW Technologies here to book a demo of Qolsys iQ4 With PowerG, or read more news from SEN here.

“Qolsys iQ4 security and automation panel now comes with duplex PowerG wireless.”

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