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QSS and SCSI Form Technology Alliance

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In a new alliance, SCSI says Q Security Systems will be distributing its alarm monitoring solutions, while QSS will make parts of its product range available to SCSI.

QSS and SCSI – THIS is an interesting alliance that seeks to leverage the strengths of SCSI and QSS, allowing each to grow sales without directly competing. This alliance suggests something else, too. That integration of alarms and video surveillance solutions is going to come true, and SCSI plans to be at the forefront of the revolution. 

According to SCSI’s Dale Acott, the arrangement between QSS and SCSI is quite simple and flexible. 

“QSS will stock SCSI’s range of alarm communicators along with providing access to certain telecommunication services,” Acott explains. “SCSI will also have access to QSS’s impressive range of products to develop new and innovative LTE-enabled IP video solutions.

“The aim is to set up QSS’s distribution centres with the facilities to supply and enable SIM cards along with other security-oriented telco services. There is not a revenue-share agreement but rather a range of services that complement QSS’s hardware supply that can be delivered directly to trade customers.”

QSS and SCSI – New Partnership

It’s a nicely balanced relationship QSS and SCSI, given each of the companies has a fundamentally different target market. And Acott has a clear idea in his mind about what constitutes a best case for SCSI in terms of the alliance.

“For SCSI this is about increased convenience for our existing customer base, along with attracting new customers through QSS’s national footprint to take advantage of SCSI’s industry-leading alarm transmission systems and telco services,” he says.

“The partnership between QSS and SCSI is another piece of the puzzle that allows the continuation of SCSI’s strong growth. It also compliments our recent partnership with Bold Technologies in the USA. SCSI now has access to a massive range of quality IP video equipment to report to the most advanced alarm and video monitoring software available in the world – Bold’s powerful Manitou.”

It’s a relationship for QSS and SCSI that begs the question of whether QSS might promote any integrator-specific Bold modules or capabilities – such as video verification or automation – to installers of its alarm and home automation hardware in partnership with SCSI and its monitoring stations customers.

QSS and SCSI - SCSI Logo

“The Bold Alarm & Video Monitoring, PSIM, and Integration software is not part of the initial agreement between QSS and SCSI, but it is an ideal fit, as we both know,” Acott says. “There is plenty of room for growth of the distribution agreement, and there could possibly be a number of additional services being offered through QSS in 2015.”

This is a departure and an expansion of the SCSI business, I point out. You’ve always been a manufacturer as well as a service provider, but now you are plugged into a national distribution network – that’s a big deal, isn’t it?

“It is a big deal,” Acott says. “SCSI has predominately sold to monitoring stations and while we have trade customers who buy direct, we have never really targeted that side of the market. SCSI products being stocked at every QSS store makes them very accessible to trade customers and integrators. And with QSS being a major player in the IP Video market, the new partnership also complements SCSI’s plans to become a leading video service supplier to the security industry.  

Is the way now open for another alarm/alarm monitoring solution that SCSI manufactures to come to market via QSS where QSS and SCSI benefit?

“SCSI is at the beginning of diversifying its service offerings, and there will definitely be new alarm and monitoring solutions that will come to market through QSS in addition to our regular channels to market,” says Acott. 

“Though there are not any plans for an exclusive solution that only QSS provides. There are a couple of very exciting developments that I can update SEN readers on early next year.”

Meanwhile, QSS CEO Rob Rosa says he’s pleased with the new business relationship and is looking forward to seeing the results.  

“From our perspective, this relationship allows QSS to distribute the Direct Wireless range of products to integrators/installers,” Rosa explains. “It’s a hardware distribution agreement, and for convenience, you can also pick up your SIM packs at any QSS sales branch in Australia, which allows installers and integrators to buy their entire solution from us.” 

How has this deal between QSS and SCSI been in the works? Who approached whom?

“The deal was in the background for a while, and the fact that the owners of SCSI and management of QSS have known each other for many years was the foundation of our discussions,” says Rosa. 

“We met numerous times to see if there was a fit and if this arrangement could complement each other’s business. The continual answer was ‘yes’ and that it would allow SCSI a true national footprint to distribute their product while giving QSS a great product to bolt on to many of our existing lines.

“In reality, all this does is make QSS stronger in its total product offering that actually adds value to clients,” he says. “We are very mindful of having products that enhance each other, rather than conflict. From a QSS perspective, this is about ensuring we continue to focus on good customer service and convenience for our clients, who are predominantly integrators and installers, while SCSI predominantly deals with control room and monitoring companies. We like the fit so and thought this was a great way to expand the reach of both companies.”  

Will QSS be supporting the gear technically as well as distributing it?  

“QSS already offers phone or RTB support, which is no different,” Rosa says. “Our technicians will be able to support this product given they already have experience in this technology, so there is no real learning curve from that perspective. Our techs are pretty switched on people, and we have one in each state, plus the Laverton techs to assist as well.” 

“With QSS being a major player in the IP Video market, the new partnership also compliments SCSI’s plans to become a leading video service supplier to the security industry. QSS and SCSI ”


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