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RACV Installing Bosch 3000 and 6000 Panels

Bosch Security has signed a 3-year contract to supply intrusion alarm systems, including Solution 3000 and 6000 panels, for insurance giant RACV. 

RACV has more than 2 million members, as well as its own Home Security business handling nearly 8000 domestic and small commercial monitored lines. The organisation undertakes hundreds of installs and system upgrades annually. 

Along with existing clients, RACV Home Services also does Emergency Home Assist and has 50,000 members in that space. RACV’s security business is expanding rapidly and boasts an 88 per cent retention rate of existing customers. 

According to Toly Christofakakis, sales & service manager at RACV, installations using Bosch products will be mainly for intrusion alarms with the potential for automation and video surveillance capabilities. 

“We are focused on building recurring monthly revenue through innovative security products that provide our members with valuable services while growing our monitoring base,” said Christofakakis. 

Meanwhile, RACV’s general manager Home Services Aaron Flavell said RACV is particularly interested in combining alarm monitoring with CCTV capabilities.

“A respected security brand like Bosch, which offers intrusion alarms, automation and video surveillance capabilities, gives our members an attractive solution,” Flavell said. “As an organisation, we wanted a product that provided a full security solution and that’s what we’ve got with Bosch.” 

Bosch Security’s Chris Dellenty said he was pleased with the new relationship with RACV.

“We’ve been through a process of changing our business model in Australia but the strength of our brand and the quality of our security solutions is as robust as ever,” he said. ♦


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