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RealNetworks SAFR SCAN

RealNetworks SAFR SCAN From Geutebruck Pacific.

RealNetworks SAFR SCAN From Geutebruck Pacific.

RealNetworks SAFR SCAN – SAFR from RealNetworks is a visual intelligence platform specializing in face and person-based computer vision contained within a reader for access control or camera license that’s now available from Geutebruck Pacific.

SAFR SCAN uses computer vision AI to authenticate a person’s face for identity-based access control. The camera and speaker inside enable the device to be multi-dimensional and extremely cost effective.

In addition, it is priced for broad commercial market adoption. Functionality includes anti-spoofing and tailgate detection, indoor/outdoor rated, privacy sensitive.

SAFR SCAN is a face authentication device that integrates with existing access control systems to enable seamless enrolment and user experience. The algorithms result in some of the most accurate, unbiased computer vision technology available as reported by NIST.

RealNetworks SAFR SCAN LR
RealNetworks SAFR SCAN available Geutebruck Pacific.

The speed with which the device authenticates enables high throughput and frictionless entry and the price point is a fraction of most biometric technology solutions available today for access control.

RealNetworks SAFR SCAN From Geutebruck Pacific

Enforcing access control is usually a trade-off of convenience, expense or both. In the case of this real time face authentication device from SAFR, access control and convenience can co-exist with a solution that is priced for mainstream use.

The increased security and identity assurance that biometrics provide is undeniable, however, the inconvenience imposed upon the users during enrolment and use, coupled with the extremely high price points has greatly inhibited the adoption rate.

According to the Geutebruck Pacific team, SAFR Scan “beautifully addresses these objections, filling a need for strong access authentication, convenience, and affordability”.

You can see contact details for Geutebruck Pacific here, find out more information about SAFR SCAN here or read more SEN news here.

“RealNetworks SAFR SCAN From Geutebruck Pacific.”

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