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RelianceXR From DAS

RelianceXR From DAS - New Course Released.

RelianceXR From DAS – New Course Released.

RelianceXR From DAS – A new RelianceXR course has now been released by DAS, offering installers support when learning about this capable and compact alarm system that’s backwards compatible with legacy Reliance panels.

According to Andrew Zafra, Carrier business manager, RelianceXR is a compact version of the powerful Reliance XRPro and he said the new course is designed to get installers across the system’s features and functions.

“If you or your team have not yet played around with the RelianceXR PRO and still using legacy Reliance products, DAS has just made available the Reliance XR series self-paced course – all you need to do is create a login on the link here,” Zafra said.

According to Zafra, the key takeaway points of RelianceXR include an identical PCB sizing to make swap-outs easier and reduce labour, encrypted communications to app or monitoring by an Ultrasync-ready control room, and a free app from which the panel can be fully programmed.

There’s onboard Ethernet + wireless receiver supporting legacy ITI and Aritech 80plus peripherals, backwards compatibility with NX legacy devices and plenty more.

There’s an onboard ethernet port to provide a secure connection to UltraSync, a cloud-based solution for reporting to monitoring stations, a web portal to manage installations, and the UltraSync+ App to fully program the alarm system from anywhere. There are also Optional 4G and 4G Wi-Fi module deliver cellular and Wi-Fi communications.

The UltraSync+ App allows users to arm and disarm the system, set zones, manage users and receive notifications of alarm events. At the same time, techs can use the mobile app to handle programming.

You can register for the course here or read more SEN news here.

“RelianceXR From DAS – New Course Released.”


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