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RISCO RisControl Controller

RISCO RisControl Controller Combines Security & Smarts.

RISCO RisControl Controller Combines Security & Smarts.

RISCO RisControl Controller – RisControl controller, for alarm and smart automation solutions, gives installers and users a professional, easy-to-use, integrated product offering smart automation with professional security.

In addition to enabling end users to improve their quality of life while reducing energy consumption, the system integrates RISCO’s flagship LightSYS+ scalable hybrid intruder alarm system and gives a higher level of proactive protection than autonomous security solutions.

It also enables smart automation with professional security as the bedrock of its functionality, allowing installers to offer customers a professional solution fully differentiated from that available in the DIY market.

The solution allows users to create event rules, for example where outdoor lights are switched on when an intruder is detected, deterring the trespasser from attempting to access the building.

RISCO RisControl Controller Security & Automation

They can also preconfigure triggered integrated scenes; when occupiers vacate the building, the security system will automatically set, shutters close, doors lock, and lights switch off. Scenes can be created manually, too.

RisControl is designed so installers can easily integrate it with their customers’ existing Z-Wave automation devices, irrespective of brand. The solution can be configured with up to 200 Z-Wave devices on projects covering up to 32 rooms, ranging from lights, plugs, and switches to door locks and garage doors.

The RisControl combined controller and user keypad are connected to LightSYS+ via RISCO Bus, the most flexible wiring topology on the market enabling installers to make time and material savings of up to 75 per cent on projects.

Once installed, the solution enables residential and commercial end users to easily manage security, video, and smart automation remotely from the single RisControl interface and iRISCO app. The intuitive rules engine allows them to customise up to 128 scenes without the need for a PC.

RISCO solutions benefit from Alexa integration, so users can easily control them using voice commands. In addition, RisControl will also be supplied as a standalone smart automation controller independent of the security system and can connect to RISCO Cloud in situations where wireless systems are installed.

Check with local suppliers for availability of RISCO RisControl Controller in ANZ. You can read more about RisControl here and see more SEN news here.

“RISCO RisControl Controller Combines Security & Smarts.”

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RISCO RisControl Controller.


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