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Jack Fuse FAST Security Connector

Jack Fuse FAST Security Connectors For Weigand, RS485 and OSDP Readers.

Jack Fuse FAST Security Connectors For Weigand, RS485 and OSDP Readers.

Jack Fuse FAST security connector – FAST Connectors from Jack Fuse are designed for joining Weigand, RS485 & OSDP readers card readers and locks to security cable – installers strip, twist, insert and the job is done.

The FAST Connector System saves time and helps eliminate faults associated with traditional solder, crimp or screw terminal connection methods. Suitable for solid or stranded conductors. Just strip the conductor and insert into the appropriate colour coded terminal.

The FAST Connector System can be quickly fitted in advance to security peripherals, thus saving costly on-site labour hours. Service replacement of equipment is also more efficient thanks to quick removal and connection facilitated by the FAST Connector system. The same connector can be re-used multiple times.

The FAST reader connectors use secure, quick connect spring clamp terminals. The individual conductor connections are colour coded to help ensure correct termination. The colour coding also helps installers keep the orientation of the connector consistent.

Terminating security cable to the connectors is simple. Strip approximately 5mm of sheath from each conductor, twist stranded conductors tightly and insert into the appropriate terminal. No terminal driver is required for installation.

Supplied as a pack of 10, the FAST connectors can be fitted to the card reader cable ahead of time, making onsite installation more efficient and/or allowing terminations to be completed by less skilled labour.

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Jack Fuse FAST Security Connector Options:

The FAST-R6J is designed for 6-core reader cable. It transfers power, data, LED and buzzer control.

The FAST-R4J suits 4-core reader connections such those using RS485/OSDP protocols. The FAST-R4J is used where RS485 line termination is not required, or the card reader has a built-in termination option.

The FAST-R4S allows an RS485 cable to be joined into 2 readers or other RS485 cables. This is useful for connecting entry and exit readers to 1 cable. It is also useful for RS485 daisy chaining – linking multiple readers on a single cable run.

The FAST-R4T includes an on-board RS485 termination resistor. A resistor typically should be used at the last RS485 device to terminate the transmission line and help ensure reliable data communication.

There are 2 models are available to suit different RS485 terminations.

FAST-R4T-120 (120 – Yellow) suits most RS485 card readers including HID and Gallagher.

FAST-R4T-330 (330 – Red) suits ICT (Protege) card readers.

Finally, the FAST-L2J is a 2-part, quick connect terminal block that accepts large gauge power cable and is primarily used to quickly connect power cables to electric locks.

You can read more about Jack Fuse FAST Security Connectors here or read more SEN news here.

Jack Fuse FAST Security Connector Technical Data:

  • R4(J/T/S) & R6J Conductor size .2 – .5mm2 (24-20AWG)
  • R4(J/T/S) & R6J Max current 2A (red and black trace only)
  • L2J Conductor Size .08 – 1.5mm2 (28-16AWG)
  • L2J Max current 6A
  • Suitable for stranded conductors Yes
  • Suitable for solid conductors Yes
  • R6J 20.5 X 17 X 8mm (LxWxH)
  • R4J 20.5 X 12 X 8mm
  • R4S 22.5 X 17.5 X 13mm
  • R4T 22 X 12.5 X 8mm
  • L2J 40 X 18 X 8mm
  • RoHS Compliant
  • AUS/NZ (RMC-EMC) 61000.6.3 Compliant
  • Primary materials Polyamide 46, fiberglass, polyolefin
  • Country of origin China.

“Jack Fuse FAST Security Connectors For Weigand, RS485 and OSDP Readers.”

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