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Don’t Miss SecTech Sydney 2022 Tomorrow!

Scenes From 2019: Don’t Miss SecTech Sydney 2022 Tomorrow!

♦ SecTech Roadshow was brilliant in 2019 and tomorrow SecTech is back in Sydney for the first time in 3 very long years – pre-register here!

See you at the Hordern Pavilion, 1 Driver Avenue Moore Park 12-6pm tomorrow, Thursday, May 12 – pre-register here to catch up with old security friends and new security technology!

We have a record number of exhibitors bringing you their latest security technologies in 2022, including Stentofon Australia, LSC, ASSA ABLOY, Secusafe, Art of Logic, S1 Monitoring, our major sponsor Dahua, Everbridge, BGW Technologies, Dicker Data – DAS, Pelco, Avigilon, VSP, dormakaba, Salto, Briefcam, CS Technologies, Allegion, ISCS, Mobotix, Nedap, Suprema, Video Alarm Technologies, AVA Security, Openeye, GSA and ICT.

SecTech is a pop-up expo dedicated to getting face time with the latest products and technology that runs from 12-6pm in each state capital, and ends with nibbles, drinks and prizes from 4pm. If you want to catch up with the latest technologies and network with colleagues and customers with no travel expenses, minimal down-time and reimbursed parking, don’t miss SecTech Roadshow!

After Sydney, SecTech Roadshow travels to Melbourne on May 17 then Brisbane on May 19– Melbourne and Brisbane people, check out venues and pre-register for your SecTech cities here!

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