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Schools Plan Face Recognition

Schools Plan Face Recognition

♦ Schools Plan Face Recognition – Locust Valley and Thousand Islands school districts in New York have received approval to deploy video security with biometric tools.

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) was barred from contracting for facial recognition until July 2022 or until after a study on the impact of such systems on student privacy.

The Locust Valley project will put biometrics capable cameras into all elementary schools and administration buildings in its jurisdiction.

Under the Smart Schools Bond Act, Locust Valley schools have been allocated $US386,964. Thousand Islands has been allocated $752,523. Most the Locust Valley funding and just over $330,000 of the Thousand Island funding will be dedicated to high-tech security features, rather than CCTV hardware.

Verkada’s People Analytics capabilities include face detection and searching based on face biometrics. It’s likely multiple recent school shootings in the U.S. are behind the push for better control of access to school grounds in the absence of gun control.

Thousands Islands Secondary School experienced a soft lockdown late last year after a handgun was reportedly carried near the school in a non-threatening manner.

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