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SecTech Adelaide 2022 Biggest Ever!

SecTech Adelaide 2022 Biggest Ever!

♦ SecTech Adelaide 2022 Biggest Ever! – Don’t miss SecTech Roadshow in Sydney tomorrow!

SecTech Adelaide 2022 was our biggest Adelaide event ever – it was a great day and just excellent to see friends and colleagues for the first time in 3 very long years.

Can’t wait to see you at the Hordern Pavilion from 12-6pm Thursday, May 12, Sydney people – pre-register here and catch up with old security friends and new security technology – don’t miss it!

We have a record number of exhibitors bringing you their latest security technologies this year, including Stentofon Australia, LSC, ASSA ABLOY, Secusafe, Art of Logic, S1 Monitoring, our major sponsor Dahua, Everbridge, BGW Technologies, Dicker Data – DAS, Pelco, Avigilon, VSP, dormakaba, Salto, Briefcam, CS Technologies, Allegion, ISCS, Mobotix, Nedap, Suprema, Video Alarm Technologies, AVA Security, Openeye, GSA and ICT.

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Pre-register here and we’ll see you at SecTech Sydney tomorrow May 12, Melbourne next Tuesday May 17, or next Thursday, May 19 in Melbourne!

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