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SecTech Roadshow 2018: What You’ll See!

SECTECH Roadshow will bring the latest products and solutions from the industry’s leading manufacturers and distributors to your home town during May – you’ll see all the new gear with no travel or accommodation expenses – it’s simply too good an opportunity to miss!

Roadies include CSD, Pelco, Honeywell, Video Alarm Technologies, Bosch, Dahua, ISCS, Video Security Products, Consolidated Security Merchants, C. R. Kennedy, OSA, Seadan, BGW Technologies, Q Security Systems, Mobotix, Vivotek, LSC, Hikvision and ICT.

Don’t miss SecTech in Melbourne on May 8, Brisbane May 10, Sydney May 15, Adelaide May 27 and Perth on May 23! Click here now to pre-register for your city and save time at the door!


CSM Will Show IndigoVision, Aperio, HID, Honeywell and More

CONSOLIDATED Security Merchants will have a fully array of its latest products and solutions on display at the Tech Sec Roadshow. This will include the latest VMS offering and products from IndigoVision as CSM are now a nationally appointed value add distributor.

Also on show will also be the latest integrated access control offering from DDS which is interfaced with Aperio also HID, AAP and Honeywell with a broad range of complimentary peripheral products. Home automation is growing momentum in the Australian market and CSM have some great products solutions in this space including the Vesta home gateway which provides a comprehensive security solution including Zigbee wireless detectors, cameras and home automation devices. CSM will also have the Honeywell Tuxedo home automation solution on display.

From a CCTV perspective CSM is showing the latest range of 8MP cameras and 4K NVR’s from TVT along with its NVMS 1000 solution which has the capacity to manage a multitude of NVR’s across multiple sites. Some key CCTV solutions from IndigoVision will also be on display on the CSM stand.

Distributor: Consolidated Security Merchants
Contact: 61 3 8545 9813


Exsite Right Up 1.png MR

Pelco ExSite Enhanced Explosion Proof Camera System

FROM the relentless sub-zero temperatures of Arctic oil pipelines, to the scorching heat of desert mining sites, to the high wind and corrosive elements of ports and offshore rigs, Pelco by Schneider Electric has engineered a full HD fixed and PTZ IP systems camera line robust enough to operate in the most hazardous environments imaginable.

The new Exsite Enhanced is available in PTZ or fixed models with a built-in wiper and optional adaptive IR illumination. It has Sarix Surevision 3.0 technology providing excellent picture quality in the challenging lighting conditions common to hazardous areas with 130db wide dynamic range and low-light imaging performance using a Full HD 1080p camera producing up to 60 images per second with 30x zoom.

There is also a full suite of built-in analytics including autoTracker, adaptive motion detection, abandoned object, and more. The new direct drive motor mechanism ensures PTZ accuracy, speed and reliability. Exsite is the fastest EX-Proof pan/tilt system available and is virtually indestructible with its rugged 316L billet electro polished stainless-steel construction.

Installation is now made easier with built in integrated SFP/FSFP ports allowing for transmission options including ethernet, fibre, ethernet over coax and UTP plus upright or inverted mounting capabilities with automated orientation detection.

Distributor: Pelco
Contact: 61 2 9125 8094

esprit enhanced group 480x480 1

New Esprit Enhanced II – Standard, Wiper, Pressurized and Adaptive IR

PELCO’S iconic Esprit Enhanced positioning system is ideal for situations where overt coverage provides a visual deterrence to intrusion, in mission critical situations requiring a highly durable and reliable camera system, where visible light is not desired nor permitted, where lighting and weather conditions vary, and where coverage well above the horizon is needed.
Ideal applications for Esprit Enhanced II include monitoring of traffic on motorways and intersections, protection of perimeter of a corrections facility or a border, airports and seaports. In addition, Esprit Enhanced II is suited for military installations or other high security assets needing a fast and highly responsive camera to watch the air and identify approaching aircraft or other airborne threats.
The latest updates to Esprit Enhanced II include up to 60ips frame rate, patterns and scans now included, Improved cybersecurity authentication, smart compression technology, local on-board storage, greater tilt range + faster pan/tilt speeds, optional adaptive infrared illumination, HPOE, built in SFP ports, 3-year warranty and more.

Distributor: Pelco
Contact: 61 2 9125 8094

FLIR United 1024x609 1

FLIR & QSS Showing United VMS Family

FLIR and QSS are proud to exhibit the next major update to the United VMS family. This United VMS 8.0 major release, available for Latitude, Horizon and Meridian, includes significant new features and benefits for our customers.

The release meets new industry trends in technology, adds specific features requested by our customer base, and handles known issues from older versions. Key features include advanced cyber security with edge device integration, integrated analytic set-up for FC-ID cameras, global administration enhancements, improved video quality of EZ Client and simplified discovery process as well as Installation and upgrade improvements.

Also check out the Q Alumia Pro NVRs, cameras and great apps that all our customers are talking about. From affordability and access to the latest SMARTS, you’ll be totally impressed by the many functions this system offers. From smart video analytics, solid security features, corridor mode and long-range POE – naming just a few – it’s no wonder that installers are putting Q Alumia Pro on their shopping list.

Make sure you visit Q Security System to also see NUUO, BOSCH and our new video intercom solution.

Distributor: FLIR & QSS
Contact: 61 3 9550 2800


CRK Distributing Compact High Resolution Watec Cameras

FOR decades the Watec camera company of Japan has been famous for manufacturing ultra-high quality, ultra-compact analogue and SDI CCTV cameras. Now Watec has launched a remarkable new IP camera and you can see it at SecTech in May!

The Wat-933 completely redefines the benchmark in ultra-compact high definition IP camera performance. Despite its tiny size, this camera features the latest generation 2MP 1/2.-inch back side illuminated CMOS imaging sensor. This delivers full colours images down to just 0.007 lux and 0.0001 lux in monochrome!

Most CS mount lenses are compatible, and it can be powered via PoE or 12V DC. Arriving April, it will be available in Australia and New Zealand through C R Kennedy Surveillance Solutions.

Distributor: C.R. Kennedy
Contact: 61 3 9823 1555


ISCS Showing ProtegeGX & ProtegeWX

WHETHER it’s the flexible web-based interface of ProtegeWX, or the power of the enterprise level ProtegeGX, a Protege system provides one unified solution for all your access control and intrusion detection needs.

Intuitive to learn. Easy to use. Designed with the end user in mind, Protege systems offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is loaded with features for controlling and monitoring your site from one unified platform. Many Systems. One solution. Maximum value.

ICT’s open technology focus allows for seamless integration with your existing tools, providing a comprehensive solution that adds value to the infrastructure investments you already have on site. The flexible design and scalable licensing provide a solution for everyone – from small single-door systems right through to large multi-national corporations.

Modular expansion allows the system to grow with you and proves to be very cost effective as you only add Expander modules and optional functionality as you need.

Distributor: ISCS
Contact: 1300 111 010

Protege Mobile App

Protege Mobile App

PROTEGE Mobile app puts control in the palm of your hand. With the swipe of a finger you can connect to any of your sites, check the status, arm or disarm, control lights, locks, signage, heating – even cameras – from anywhere, at any time.

ICT’s latest tSec readers feature Bluetooth and NFC capability, enabling you to use your smartphone as your access credential for maximum convenience. Fumbling for access cards or the garage remote becomes a thing of the past as you can use your phone to open the door.

The app provides instant awareness of system status with a simple tap. Subscribe to push notifications to receive alerts of system or sensor activity. Business owners get peace of mind to see that the system is disarmed at the start of the day and rearmed when everyone goes home. And of course, you’re alerted instantly to any alarms.
Want to find out more? Visit www.ict.co

Distributor: ISCS
Contact: 1300 111 010

KLCD900 Wireless Keypad

AMC K-LCD 900 Bidirectional Wireless Keypad From LSC

LAST year’s SecTech saw LSC unveil their new exclusive Italian alarm supplier – AMC Alarms. We’re excited to see what new products this innovative manufacturer has developed over the last 12 months.

One such product that’s fresh from the factory is the new bidirectional K-LCD 900 wireless keypad. The unit can be powered by batteries (2 batteries AAA – alkaline 1.5V), or of hardwired power is desired, the unit can be fed with external power (4-18V DC).

This discreet keypad features an LCD display 32 characters over two lines, and a programmable NFC / RFID tag reader with which it is possible to arm / disarm and enable / disable programmed outputs. It is a true bidirectional keypad and allows the user to have a real feedback of the status of the system, including not ready zones, troubles, etc.

Features include arm/disarm panel (in all configurations), not ready zones alert, bypass zones, change/modify personal user code, allow technical access, log event reading, outputs triggering, tag readers management.

Distributor: LSC Security Supplies
Contact: 1300 646 269

XR900 Wireless Control Panel

AMC XR900 Wireless Control Panel

THE XR900, distributed by LSC Security Supplies, is the new wireless control panel by AMC. Designed and manufactured in Italy, the XR900 boasts a sleek, compact design with user friendly functionality.

The XR900 utilises a 916 Mhz bidirectional system and is equipped with 64 wireless zones. It is compatible with all existing AMC wireless and wired products making it a versatile and flexible solution for any alarm installer.

“The XR900 is a great addition to the AMC range and shows the continued growth in the partnership between AMC and LSC Security Supplies in the Australian and New Zealand markets,” said product manager for AMC, David Lorimer.

Like all AMC products, the XR900 can be managed using the AMC Manager App, available for both iOS and Android devices.

Features include 916MHz bi-directional with a radio range of 1000m with PSTN, siren, batteries included, reporting options of PSTN-IP-GPRS-3G, voice support, 4-wire RS485 bus, and multi-format CMS.

Distributor: LSC Security Supplies
Contact: 1300 646 269

NxWitness VMS

NX Witness From ISCS

VIDEO management made simple – intuitive and built for users. Nx Witness is an endlessly customizable IP video management platform which provides users the ability to create tailored networked video solutions for any type of project, for use by anyone, on any device.

A flexible GRID interface, unmatched speed and responsiveness, instant event notifications, and embedded browser create a user experience unlike any other VMS. Nx Witness Desktop combines performance, ease-of-use, and a ‘let the user decide how best to use the software’ approach into a single cross-platform lightweight app.

Nx Cloud provides simple remote connectivity, streaming, and management of an unlimited number of Nx Witness Systems. Connect from anywhere. Share with an unlimited number of users and fail-over functionality is free, as it should be. With an open Restful API, a suite of SDK’s and integrator-friendly tools, Nx Witness users can quickly integrate any 3rd party systems such as access control or facial recognition.

Nx Witness has applications for all major operating systems, so our users are not limited by what device or operating system they choose to use on their desktops, mobile devices, rack mount servers, or even low-powered embedded devices.

Contact: 1300 111 010

HID Location

HID Location Services

HID Location Services provides accurate, real-time workplace location awareness and analytics. The system combines the power of Bluetooth low-energy, Wi-Fi, and cloud-based technologies to provide a unique, seamless experience inside and outside of a facility. As a result, organizations receive increased visibility into precise locations of their workplace in a defined space and can use predictive analytics to understand space usage and building operational efficiency.

Easy to deploy: Personal and asset beacons are available as a single credential and are used as location services and access control. The gateways allow for fast, easy implementation throughout the organisation. The cloud service platform integrates into existing building management systems for customizable data streams, dashboards, and reports -delivering alerts and notifications to adhere to security policies and simplifying events, workflows, and analytics.

Risk management and emergencies: The solution can provide building owners with dashboards and reports over time, helping organizations comply with health and safety legislation, like maximum room occupancy regulations. This facilitates collaboration, helping employees locate their co-workers, and improves safety in emergencies.

Wayfinding: Improve the employee experience by eliminating the chance of visitors and employees becoming lost. By guiding people through a physical space and enhancing their understanding of that space, organizations can offer a valuable and satisfying user experience.

Distributor: ISCS
Contact: 1300 111 010


Korenix JetNet 5428G-20SFP From OSA

JETNET 5428G-20SFP is a 19-inch Gigabit Layer 2+ industrial switch, equipped with 8x 100Base-TX ports, 16x 100Base SFP, and 4x 100/1000 RJ-45/SFP combo ports.

The JetNet 5428G-20SFP is specially designed for industrial control rooms where high fibre-port density and performance is required. In addition to advanced cyber security and networking redundancy features, the JetNet 5428G-20SFP model provides redundant power supplies to ensure high availability for mission critical industrial applications.

With the JetNet 5428G-20SFP, you can not only fulfil the application requirements but have a best of breed solution for industrial Ethernet infrastructure.

Distributor: Optical Solutions Australia
Contact: 1300 130 423

Qolsys 2 BGW Technologies
Qolsys – Interactive Quality of Life Systems

THE IQ Panel 2 uses a clean, modern user interface (UI) that takes advantage of the 7-inch HD, edge-to-edge, capacitive glass screen.

Featuring 1280 x 800-pixel resolution and multi-gesture capability, the panel navigates in swipes and gestures that are expected by today’s consumer. Content is dynamic, so the display only shows pages for devices that have been added to the system, reducing clutter and making it intuitive and easy to use.

Leveraging the latest technology, the IQ Panel 2 features the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, Google Android 5.1 OS and up to 6 wireless radios – cellular, dual band WiFi 802.11 AC, DSC RF 433MHz, Z-Wave Plus, image sensor and Bluetooth LE 4.0 – supporting wireless connectivity, security and home automation control.

It boasts an all tool-less design with flexible mounting options, either on a wall or with the included table stand, a 5MP onboard camera, dual-path connectivity, a photo frame screensaver, and remote services powered by Alarm.com, making it most advanced and easiest system you’ll ever install.

Other innovative features include Bluetooth disarming, a built-in panel glass break detector, built-in motion detection from the 5MP panel camera, a built-in router and OTA software updates.

Distributor: BGW Technologies
Contact: 61 2 9674 4255

Imagus Linkedin

iMQ by Imagus

IMQ is advanced real-time software that reliably detects and recognises human faces using CCTV cameras, webcams and smartphones. iMQ captures faces non-cooperatively from a distance and/or in motion.

iMQ can be deployed as an independent application, or seamlessly integrated into existing biometric solutions and video management systems.

Features including video-based face recognition from low quality surveillance and mobile video, face recognition from still images against low quality image data sets, network-centric scalable data capture of images from one to millions, smartphone and tablet image capture/analysis, seamless integration of smart devices to internet connected remote data sets for matching and retrospective search functionality. The algorithm is trained on all faces captured via face recognition-enabled cameras. This allows for searching of historical faces enrolled after the event.

There’s face recognition from high definition digital cameras up to 16MP (equivalent to 50 analogue cameras), scalable vision processing architecture based on parallel banks of graphic processors on video graphics cards to accelerate search speed, image collection speed, and the number of cameras supported by each processor. This off-core processing can be done post processing as a batch or in the cloud.

You also get face recognition of crowds with simultaneous multiple person acquisition and analysis, and multiple camera tracking based on automatic enrolment and then identification/tracking through the network of cameras.

Distributor: BGW Technologies
Contact: 61 2 9674 4255

MIC IP fusion 9000i product photo Original 27367.jpg LR
MIC IP fusion 9000i

NEW MIC IP fusion 9000i camera from Bosch is an advanced PTZ surveillance platform that incorporates a high performance thermal imaging core and a 1080p starlight camera integrated in the same ruggedized housing. This allows the camera to deliver simultaneous thermal and visible video streams, maximizing the ability to detect and react to long-range threats – up to 4517m.

The MIC IP fusion 9000i offers a unique feature in terms of video analytics: metadata fusion. It fuses the metadata of the camera’s built-in optical and thermal imager, providing users with full situational awareness – regardless of whether it’s the optical or thermal video stream that’s being watched. Metadata fusion helps users to focus on ‘invisible’ things that need attention.

Another innovation offered by MIC fusion is video analytics while moving. An operator is alerted, or the camera’s Intelligent Tracking feature is triggered, the moment a moving object or person is detected while the MIC IP camera is panning, tilting or zooming. Once Intelligent Tracking is activated, it ensures that moving objects are automatically tracked.

MIC fusion provide the highest availability of useable images regardless of lighting conditions in extreme environments (weather, dust/debris/smoke, etc.)

Distributor: Bosch Security
Contact: 1300 1 BOSCH (26724)

Sony sncvb642d 3q 161028 06 Large HighRes 282971

Sony Dual Light Bullet Camera

ADDING strength to the Sony Gen 6R series, the SNC-VB642D 1080p Dual light bullet camera provides full-colour reproduction 24/7 through a combination of automated analytics and white-light technology.

The camera can perform in extremely challenging environments and captures crisp, low-noise Full HD images, even in low-light conditions. The sensitive 1/2.8-inch type Exmor R CMOS image sensor is teamed with XDNR processing, improving low-light performance and achieving the minimum illumination of 0.006 lux (30 IRE) in colour mode.

Sony Dual Light can see in conditions of complete darkness, with built-in IR (infrared) illumination coupled with Advanced IR technology to capture near and far-away objects without overexposure. The in-built image stabiliser minimises the effects of camera shake making it easier to see what is happening in any scene.

In-built motion detection can trigger a range of actions, from storage and transfer of images to sounding of external alarms. False alarms caused by noise, weather and environment are minimised by a smart processing algorithm.

This bullet camera is affordable and easy to install, being ideal for a wide range of outdoor security and surveillance tasks – from city centres, transport systems and retail centres to schools and universities.

Distributor: Bosch Security
Contact: 1300 1 BOSCH (26724)

mx img M16 WallMountFront L22BL.jpg MR

MOBOTIX M16 Thermal Radiometry Camera

THE weatherproof, robust successor to the flagship MOBOTIX dual camera comes with the latest MOBOTIX system technology and interchangeable sensor modules. All MOBOTIX cameras come with extremely robust cybersecurity, thanks to the MOBOTIX “Cactus Concept”.

This holistic approach to cybersecurity means complete end-to-end encryption, from image source via the data cables and the data storage through to the video management system on the user’s computer. Like a cactus, whose every limb is covered in thorns, all of the modules (camera, storage, cables, VMS) in the MOBOTIX system have digital thorns that protect them from unauthorized access.

The M16 also features a thermal sensor, which can measure temperatures from -40°C to +550°C, within ±0.2°C (50mK) of accuracy and can be calibrated to prevent environmental interference. Thermal Radiometry windows allow up to 20 different temperature triggers to be defined, detecting potential sources of fire and heat.

Additionally, combining one thermal and one standard image sensor enables a thermal overlay, localising so-called hot spots in the image to highlight potential hazards, automatically triggering alarm events and actions, all within the camera.

MOBOTIX thermal cameras are ideal for industrial applications, perimeter protection, and for maintaining perfect privacy in both public and identity sensitive environments.

Distributor: Mobotix
Contact: 61 2 8507 2000


Seadan Security & Electronics/Sprint Intercom

KNOWN throughout the industry for an extensive range of security products, Seadan Security & Electronics together with Sprint Intercom will be showcasing a fully integrated security solution incorporating CCTV, access control, intercom, alarms and locking. On display at Sectech will be a total solution covering all aspects of security, appropriate for any sized scale of operation – from large apartment complexes, retail, government or commercial applications.

Spearheading the solution is Dahua, where Seadan will be showcasing their new 3D people counting camera and a variety of brand new and class-leading equipment such as Dahua’s 8MP Panoramic IP Dome camera and the company’s ePoE cameras and recorders which boast an impressive 800m transmission capability.

All of Dahua’s CCTV products are seamlessly integrated with Dahua’s intercom door stations and monitors, especially their new SIP solution which is the perfect solution for larger scaled apartment projects. The Kantech access control solution compliments the full Dahua Suite which works in unison with the exacqVision video management software and the Aperio locking solution from Assa Abloy, all of which will be on display.

Security professionals can have total peace of mind, regardless of the scale of application or job that Seadan Security and Sprint Intercom have an extensive suite of products that when integrated together form an ideal security solution.

Distributor: Seadan Security & Electronics
Contact: 61 3 9263 0111

equipIP range Jupiter

Honeywell equIP Camera Series

HONEYWELL equIP Camera Series comprehensive range is available in fisheye, PTZ and 4K bullet, box, rugged dome, as well as ExitView cameras. The easy-to-install equIP cameras come in 2MP (1080p), 4MP, 6MP, 12MP (4K) Ultra HD resolutions for the crispest images possible.

Unified and Simplified: easy to use and designed to Honeywell standards with a range of analytics and features to simplify usage and reduce installation time.

Integrated Security Solutions: full line of IP cameras integrate with Honeywell security systems and 3rd party solutions through open (ONVIF) or Honeywell API standard

High quality and Cyber-secure: GUI fisheye de-warping, share brackets of existing Performance IP cameras, lower per-ch cost with H.265, high storage density

With features and solutions designed to meet surveillance requirements in many different locations, environments and verticals, equIP is perfect to capture clear images in the most challenging environments.

Distributor: Honeywell
Contact: 1300 234 234

Honeywell IntelliKnight Family.jpg MR

Inner Range Integriti integration to Honeywell Fire

RECENTLY appointed the Australian distributor for Honeywell Fire Systems, CSD are showcasing the newest integration to Integriti, the most popular security & access management solution in the market. With this latest integration Integriti now provides a complete building management solution incorporating fire, security, access control and video.

Witness a fire system event trigger Integriti and automatically pop up a vector map and zoom into the area where the alarm has been activated, pop up live video, send push notifications to staff, create alerts, report to fire & security control rooms, unlock doors and seamlessly record all these actions to the event log.

It is now easy for the security integrator to install a Honeywell fire system with guidance from the experts at CSD.

Contact: 1300 319 499


Integriti / Milestone Access Control Manager / Ipsotek Facial Recognition

THIS year CSD was appointed as the latest Milestone video management systems distributor in Australia in order to expand the market for Milestone into integrated access control and security market.

CSD has also been appointed a distributor for the Ipsotek video analytics product incorporating facial recognition, LPR, crowd management and many more powerful video analytics. On the CSD stand you will see how these 3 products work together to deliver awesome operational solutions.

Witness how an Ipsotek facial recognition, LPR or analytic event can trigger Integriti and automatically pop up a vector map and zoom into the area where the event has been occurred, pop up live video, send push notifications to staff, create alerts, report to security control rooms, unlock doors and seamlessly record all these actions to the event log.

It is all now possible and easy for the security integrator to install these systems with a little bit of guidance from the experts at CSD – see them all at Sectech Roadshow!

Distributor: CSD
Contact: 1300 319 499


Davantis From Video Alarm Technologies

DAVANTIS are the experts in video analytics for perimeter protection with their software solution. Davantis provides an advanced perimeter protection solution for intrusion, loitering, tampering object removal and stopped vehicle detection.

It can be easily integrated with any existing CCTV system to provide users a way to be quickly alerted of a specified video event For example, intrusion of a perimeter can be sent directly to a monitoring station or alternatively directly to a mobile device APP for actioning.

Davantis is certified by United Kingdom’s Home Office as an i-LIDS approved primary detection system. i-LIDS is the UK Government’s benchmark standard for video analytics technology and is only awarded to products judged to have met the stringent criteria specified by the UK Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSBD) for video-based detection system for government use.

Distributor: Video Alarm Technologies Contact: 1300 46 44 55


Videofied Wireless Video Verification

VIDEOFIED is a 100 per cent wire free alarm system with built-in video verification. When the Videofied system is armed and triggered, our cameras will send a 10 second video to a professional monitoring centre for review and response. Because the alarm event can be verified, this will reduce call outs for falso triggers, but also initiate a priority response from security and law enforcement because the alarm event can be visually verified.

Distributor: Video Alarm Technologies Contact: 1300 46 44 55


Darkfighter 4MP HIK 2XC6142FWIS6

Hikvision Bringing Face Recognition, 4MP Darkfighter to SecTech

HIKVISION will being a new facial recognition solution to SecTech. The system comprises Deep-Learning based end-to-end facial recognition solution, rich functions to meet varied scenario requirements and high accuracy of recognition.

Meanwhile, Hikvision 4MP Darkfighter cameras combine high resolution view with ultimate low-light technology.
Hikvision’s 4MP Darkfighter anti-corrosion cameras utilise 316L stainless steel housings for maximum corrosion resistance.

They are IP67 water/dust ingress rated and WF-2, NEMA 4X and C5-M anti-corrosion rated, making them ideal for coastal regions where salt corrosion is a major concern and also for food processing plants where harsh chemicals are being used to sanitise the environment on a regular basis.

This series is available in a variety of form factors including fixed domes, vari-focal dome, speed domes and fixed lens bullet cameras. See it at SecTech!

Distributor: Hikvision Distributors

FD9365 HTVTHTV L.png LR.png LR

Vivotek Showing FD9365-HTV at SecTech Roadshow

VIVOTEK will be showing a number of new cameras at SecTech Roadshow, including the FD9365-HTV, distributed locally by SensaTek.

The FD9365-HTV comprises 3MP fixed dome cameras equipped with a new generation of technologies, including Smart Stream III and SNVII (Supreme Night Visibility II), making these cameras capable of optimizing bandwidth and storage efficiencies by up to 90 per cent while ensuring safety and security around the clock.

The cameras have Trend Micro’s anti-intrusion software embedded, empowering them to automatically detect and prevent credential-based attack as well as block suspicious events, and enabling users to enjoy higher levels of network security.

The latest flagship camera features SNV II, WDR Pro II and Smart IR II, providing users the best quality image during the night by reducing IR hotspots and optimizing IR intensity control. Built-in IR illuminators are now effective up to 50m.

Distributor: SensaTek
Contact: 1300 560 026

MS9390 HV 1 L.png LR.png LR

See New Vivotek MS9390-HV at SecTech Roadshow!

SECTECH will also see the release of Vivotek’s brand new and more efficient multi-sensor camera, the MS9390-HV, which features an 8MP wide-angle lens design using 4 sensors.

The newly added multi-sensor dome camera is also equipped with SNV (Supreme Night Visibility), WDR Pro technology and 180-degree IR illuminators up to 20m with 30fps at full resolution, making it ideal for day and night surveillance with superior image quality.

With its unique dual-sensor design, the camera is equipped with a video alignment feature, providing users a detailed 180-degree panoramic view and a higher vertical field of view, enabling users to have more video coverage not only on the horizontal direction but also on the vertical, providing more view below the camera installation point.

This multi-sensor camera employs H.265 compression and Smart Stream III technology to create the most efficient system for customers, saving on storage and bandwidth consumption, and at the same time, providing complete video security with no dead angles.

Distributor: SensaTek
Contact: 1300 560 026


SecTech signature generic MAR2018 8.jpg 960px 8


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