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Using Microwave For Perimeter Fences

Don’t Use Microwave To Defend Perimeter Fence Structure unless there's space on both sides.Using Microwave For Perimeter Fences -...

Ava Group Earnings Soaring

Ava Risk Group Earnings have soared 50 Per CentAva Group Earnings soaring – Ava Risk Group, the Australian owner...

Attractive EasyGate SPT Speedgate Upgrade

Entrance Control has upgraded the EasyGate SPT Speedgate.Attractive EasyGate SPT Speedgate Upgrade - Entrance Control has revamped its EasyGate...

Extraordinary Growth From Droneshield

Extraordinary Growth From DroneshieldExtraordinary Growth From Droneshield – Australian technology developer Droneshield continues to enjoy extraordinary growth on the...

Bosch MIC IP Fusion 9000i Camera Latest Review

Bosch MIC IP Fusion 9000i is another spectacular camera from Bosch. It combines all the power of the MIC...

How Do Metal Detectors Work?

How Do Metal Detectors Work: First Use CaseHow Do Metal Detectors Work: TuningHandheldPlastic WeaponsHow Do Metal Detectors Work: SensitivityHow...

Corrections Seeks Drone Detection

Corrections Seeks Drone DetectionCorrections Seeks Drone Detection – South Australia’s Department of Correctional Services is seeking a drone detection...


PIRAMID XL-MIL SensorPIRAMID XL-MIL SensorPIRAMID XL-MIL Sensor – PIRAMID XL-MIL sensor and XL-HS sensor, distributed locally by Perimeter Systems...

Dedrone Integrates Axis AI PTZs

Dedrone Integrates Axis AI PTZsDedrone Integrates Axis AI PTZs - Axis AI PTZs now integrate with Dedrone’s DedroneTracker platform...

Structural Attack Sensor Considerations

Structural Attack Sensor Considerations Structural Attack Sensor Considerations - What are the considerations of structural attack sensors and could you...
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