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See BlueKee At SAGE

See BlueKee At SAGE Expo 2023.

See BlueKee At SAGE Expo 2023.

See BlueKee At SAGE – BlueKee is bringing an innovative Australian technology designed to eliminate identity fraud to SAGE Expo next Thursday, November 16 (pre-register here).

The rise of identity fraud has become a multitrillion-dollar problem, creating devastating financial and reputational damage to businesses around the world and BlueKee is designed to make identity verification fast and reliable, while removing the risks and challenges that arise from storing customer data.

According to BlueKee CEO and founder Dr Philip Bos, BlueKee is unlike any other identity-management system.

“The problem with the multitude of other identity-verification systems currently in use is that they require the collection and storage of highly sensitive customer data such as one’s driver’s licence or passport number, along with a host of personal information such as your date of birth and home address,” Dr Bos explained.

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See BlueKee at SAGE Expo 2023.

“If this information is stolen during a cyberattack, as we have seen happen on multiple occasions in the past 12 months, cybercriminals are able to use the stolen information to access bank accounts, apply for credit and carry out a host of other nefarious activities in the names of their victims.

“This kind of identity theft can have adverse consequences for the victims for years and even decades after the initial event. Consequences can include financial losses, an inability to obtain or keep credit, an impact on one’s ability to travel and more.”

See BlueKee At SAGE Expo 2023

With more than 40 years’ experience as a professional security consultant with some of Australia’s leading organisations, including Westfield and NewsCorp, and with a PhD in advanced mathematics, Dr Bos was able to apply his extensive professional and academic qualifications to the challenge of solving identity theft.

“BlueKee was an idea that came about after witnessing a close personal friend struggling with the problems that arose from having his identity stolen,” Dr Bos said. “The ease with which unscrupulous actors can obtain personal information is astounding.”

What’s more, Dr Bos believes the ease with which personal information is stolen is a direct result of the way many companies, including some of Australia’s most trusted financial institutions, verify customer identification.

“The requirement for people to provide personal information to some nameless, faceless stranger over the phone or via a chatbot or web form to verify one’s identity should be illegal,” Dr Bos said.

“With the growth of artificial intelligence leading to ever more convincing deep fake videos, audio recordings and written information, there has to be a more reliable way for people to know with whom they are sharing their personal information and what they are sharing.”

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See BlueKee at SAGE Expo 2023.

BlueKee enables people to retain complete control over their private information, including how it is used, with whom it is shared and exactly what is shared. BlueKee also allow you can verify a person’s identity with complete confidence without the costs, risks and dangers associated with storing and managing the kinds of private data that make a typical business a target for unscrupulous actors.

“The idea behind BlueKee is simple – nothing stored means nothing stolen,” Dr Bos said. “Users simply download BlueKee to their mobile device. BlueKee then creates a secure, digital, self-sovereign identity, incorporating three layers of trust.”

To operate the system, users scan their photo ID using the BlueKee app. BlueKee then verifies those documents via government databases. Users are then linked to the verified documents using a biometric identifier such as face or fingerprint recognition. Finally, the user sets a unique passcode enabling multifactor authentication. Best of all, a person’s information is encrypted and stored on their own device, so they retain complete control of their identity.

See BlueKee At SAGE Expo 2023

When a business needs to verify a customer’s identity, they simply send a BlueKee identification request to the customer. The customer then logs in to BlueKee on their device to complete the verification process. It takes just seconds to receive trusted, reliable and verified identification without having to share private and personal information.

BlueKee means no more awkward phone calls or annoying web pages asking customers for private information, no more storing sensitive data and no more risk of costly customer data breaches resulting in millions in damages and lost business.

“With AI progressing at an unprecedented rate, knowing who and what to trust is only going to become more and more difficult in the coming months and years,” Dr Bos said.

“BlueKee provides the kind of peace of mind that comes from having a smarter, more reliable and risk-free way of verifying identity in an increasingly volatile, uncertain and complex world.”

You can find out more about BlueKee at SAGE Expo, next Thursday November 16, Realm Hotel, Canberra pre-register here, or see more information here, or read more SEN news here.

“See BlueKee At SAGE Expo 2023.”

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See BlueKee at SAGE Expo 2023.



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