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See HikCentral Professional At SecTech

See HikCentral Professional At SecTech Roadshow 2023.

See HikCentral Professional At SecTech Roadshow 2023.

See HikCentral Professional At SecTech this May – HikCentral, Hikvision’s security management software, helps professionals integrate and manage security systems.

HikCentral Professional is designed to meet a variety of security challenges on a single platform which is easy to deploy and use. Built over a unified architecture that taps into multiple subsystems, it provides connected and interactive applications to enhance operational efficiency, extends user awareness and optimizes management.

HikCentral Professional can manage multiple individual systems with ease, including video surveillance, access control, alarm systems, and more, as well as exploring cross-system functionalities, and optimizing day-to-day operations with lightweight solutions for a variety of scenarios.

When it comes to video the system can present views from various kinds of cameras using network-adaptive technology that ensures smooth viewing at low bandwidths and supporting live AR interactivity.

Alarm detection allows personalized alarm rule setting, satisfying needs of complex scenarios, visualized and quick alarm notification and targeting, and automatic audio alarms to deter intruders while linking with IP speakers.

There’s flexible access control management and advanced access rule setting, and support for credentials using faces, cards, fingerprints, QR codes, and/or mobile credentials using Bluetooth and NFC.

Digitalized visitor management reduces paperwork, offers reliable visitor records query and report export, as well as supporting registration in advance to prevent congestion.

Time and attendance supports flexible attendance rule-setting and diverse report styles, employee self-service attendance records and anomaly/corrective applications, as well as integrating with third-party payroll systems.

When it comes to vehicle management, HikCentral Professionals ANPR camera functionality enhances vehicle passing efficiency, helps drivers quickly find vacant spaces for parking and adapts to the billing rules of various parking lots.

For security teams, on-board monitoring empowers quick response, including real-time GPS tracking, remote video playback, abnormal driving events, and more. All this functionality is supported by archive management that enables real-time event recording, scheduled video backup and evidence management.

Hikvision HikCentral Professional features intelligent technologies – data collected will be transformed and presented to security managers and security operators in intuitive reports and dashboards, including operational data such as flow status, people density and more.

SecTech trucks into Brisbane on May 2 at the RICC, Sydney on May 4 at the Hordern Pavilion, Melbourne on May 9 at the MCEC, Adelaide on May 11 at the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds and Perth on May 16 at Crown Perth – you can pre-register for your city here.

You can find out more about HikCentral Professional here, see HikCentral Professional at SecTech Roadshow by pre-registering for SecTech Roadshow here, and see more SEN news here.

“See HikCentral Professional At SecTech Roadshow 2023.”

See HikCentral Professional At SecTech 2 LR
See HikCentral Professional At SecTech 2
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