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IPDCM From Stentofon At SAGE

See IPDCM From Stentofon At SAGE.

See IPDCM From Stentofon At SAGE.

IPDCM From Stentofon At SAGE – IP technology presents new challenges in terms of securing access to the network and facility – Stentofon’s IPDCM, coming to SAGE, can help.

According to the team, if IP devices are used outside the safe zone and are cabled back to the company network, there is a risk of sabotage via the network cable unless an IP Endpoint Secure Disconnect Module (IP-DCM) is inline along a secure segment of your cable run.

In the event of a sabotage attempt the IP-DCM switches off the voltage and all connections to the network – including door opener – are completely disabled and disconnected. Door opening and network connectivity is now impossible without a manual reset from within safe zone.

The IPDCM From Stentofon is currently available in Power-overEthernet (-P) and externally powered (-E) versions and is designed with STENTOFON IP intercoms in mind. Meanwhile, the IPDCM-E is designed for generic IP devices, externally powered.

The IPDCM comes standard with DIN rail mounts. Other mounting systems are available on request. The in-line LAN connections are via standard RJ45 sockets, with the IPDCM powered by either an external power supply (24V plugpack) or as a PoE device.

A push-in connection is available for the tamper circuit. The circuit is default a normally closed loop, when the loop is broken the IPDCM will trigger accordingly. Activating the red button will initialise/reset the network connection.

There are 2 LEDs next to the button that indicate the IPDCM’s current state. Red indicates the IPDCM has been triggered, it has yet to be initialised or the tamper has been triggered and requires reset. Blue indicates the LAN is available through the device.

See the IPDCM From Stentofon at SAGE at the Realm Hotel 11-6pm this Thursday, November 17 – pre-register here and we’ll see you there!

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“See IPDCM From Stentofon At SAGE.”


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