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Smart Home Report Finds Security is Core

ICONTROL Networks’ State of the Smart Home report has found for the second year running that consumers are most interested in the security capabilities of home automation solutions. 

Among 1600 consumers surveyed, including 1000 from the U.S. and 600 from Canada, 90 per cent agreed that personal and family security was the most important driver of smart home adoption. Perhaps more interesting still, was the finding that the chance a potential customer would purchase a system was 93 per cent among consumers who had seen home automation technology in operation. 

In terms of interest levels in integrated devices, interest focused on devices that offered functions that improve comfort, reduce costs, enhance convenience and improve security. The survey found 72 per cent of consumers wanted self-adjusting thermostats, 71 per cent wanted doors that could be locked from a remote location, 69 per cent wanted indoor lighting that automatically adjusted, 65 per cent wanted outdoor lighting that automatically adjusted and 65 per cent wanted CCTV cameras they could access remotely.

When it came to demographics of interest, 79 per cent of millenials, 76 per cent of parents, and 50 per cent of the overall population were interested in home automation. Meanwhile, 74 per cent of consumers agree they would like at least some help with the installation and set-up of their smart home devices, and 52 per cent said they would like someone to do all of the installation and set-up for them. ♦


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