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Smiths Builds Radioactive Detector


Radetect is launched as an optional capability in the range of Heimann CargoVision (HCV) inspection systems for fully loaded trucks, vehicles and containers at ports, customs and border checkpoints Compatible with all HCV systems, the addition of Radetect facilitates multi-threat detection in one step, to provide customs, police and other authorities with an innovative tool to combat the illicit trafficking of hidden radioactive sources along with other contraband. “With several thousand radiation sources worldwide being under little or no regulatory control, Radetect facilitates an easy and rapid inspection process of freight loads,” said Roland Muesse, President Smiths Detection Europe, Middle East and Africa. “It can play a major role in helping security authorities to reveal nuclear and other radioactive materials before people or the environment are exposed to the threat. Our systems now detect both illegal merchandise and radioactive materials inside trucks and containers, without them having to be opened.” Radetect provides a highly effective means of non-invasive interrogation of goods and vehicles at checkpoints. It allows an easy and rapid inspection process, with a typical throughput rate of more than 25 trucks per hour. Radetect meets the requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for evaluation and performance of radiation detection portal monitors for use in homeland security.



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