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New Bosch Plena Voice Alarm System

Bosch’s new Plena voice alarm system allows emergency evacuation facilities to be installed in areas where it was previously too expensive to install. This new system includes all essential EVAC functions and elements, such as system supervision, spare amplifier switching, loudspeaker line supervision, digital message management, and an interface for a fireman’s panel. The system is based on the six-zone Plena voice alarm system controller. The system Controller contains a 240-watt booster amplifier and a supervised digital message manager for up to 255 pre-recorded announcements or chimes that create a comprehensive set of evacuation messages. Configurations can be extended to cover up to sixty zones using additional six-zone routers. Other dedicated elements include call stations and extension keypads. The voice alarm system is fully compatible with existing Plena equipment such as booster amplifiers and background music (BGM) sources. It is designed for plug-and-play installation. Elements are interconnected using standard RJ45 connectors and CAT5 cables. The new Plena system is configured for specific applications using DIP-switches to set basic functions and a PC for more advanced features. A range of EVAC-compliant Bosch loudspeakers and accessories is also available. The entire system incorporates Bosch technology and experience with high-end digital emergency sound systems. Originally introduced in 2001, the Bosch Plena public address system comprises a range of mixer amplifiers, universal and system pre-amplifiers, booster amplifiers, call stations, source units, a message manager, a feedback suppressor and an “all-in-one” solution. The new Plena Voice Alarm system from Bosch Security Systems meets all requirements of IEC60849, the European standard for voice alarm systems. These standards apply to factories, offices, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, and sports facilities.


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