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Software House C•CURE 9000 Web-Base Client

Built on a cybersecure web platform, the Software House C•CURE 9000 Web-Base client lets users manage personnel and monitor alarms from anywhere in the world on any PC with an internet browser.

With an adaptive interface, security teams get the information they need when they need it. The C•CURE 9000 Web-Base client allows operators to easily perform tasks such as configuring, editing, and viewing personnel records and user credentials, and assigning clearances and roles. Alarm monitoring is also made easy with color-coded bubble images for a visually dynamic user experience. Along with the Event Viewer, manual actions and intrusion zones have been designed to handle core alarm management functions for critical infrastructure projects.

It’s also possible to customize what employees can view based on their roles within an organization using web views. This allows management to streamline productivity and balance both responsibility and workload. Corporate security administrators can delegate control to individual department managers allowing them to grant access in the physical areas for which they are responsible.

With the C•CURE 9000 web-based client, management can dynamically change the appearance of personnel screens, customizing the user interface to show different tabs, columns, and fields based on a user’s role within the organization. Simply drag and drop from a list of more than 100 fields to show only the fields operators need to see, streamlining and enhancing the user experience. A responsive layout automatically adjusts and adapts to device screen size and orientation.

* Access C•CURE 9000 from any PC with an internet browser
* Configure, view, and manage personnel records and credentials, and assign clearances quickly and easily with an adaptive interface
* Customize the appearance of C•CURE 9000 for different operators for a more simplified user interface
* Operator preview mode offers defined roles and responsibilities
* View patterns and anomalies with analytical bubble images colour-coded by priority for alarm monitoring
* Smoothly transition from light to dark mode theme to reduce light reflection for optimal viewing in a dark environment
* Advanced search, toggle, and filtering capabilities for fool-proof views
* Supports user defined fields (UDF) to customize personnel information
* Quickly search personnel records by name to look up card holder information
* Easily print ID badges for individual employees or select multiple employees for batch printing
* Streamlined and intuitive icon-driven user interface for an enhanced user experience
* TLS 1.2 secure communication to server.



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