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SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

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SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor Empowers Integrators.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor – SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is an automated tracking system that identifies all devices connected to the network, maps them, and watches out for performance issues and alerts system engineers to developing problems and sends notifications.

Any devices, applications, or services that have been discovered can also be viewed on a network topology map, allowing can see how your infrastructure links together. This capability is ideal when you’ve inherited a complex security network and you’re uncertain how it fits together. Meanwhile, the NetPath feature allows integrators to trace packet transfers hop-by-hop, which can help to diagnose the origin of performance network issues faster.

The custom alerts system enables techs to set trigger conditions for alerts. Once the trigger conditions are met the software will send a notification by email or SMS to let you know an event has taken place. The user can view a comprehensive list of alerts according to severity by going to the ‘All Active Alerts’ page.

This tool automates network monitoring – it even sets itself up, so it is suitable for all sizes of networks because it doesn’t require specialized network management knowledge to install or to operate. And the automated alerts mean that you can assume everything is running OK unless you get a notification, so you can spend your time on other issues and let the NPM take care of the network.

You can find out more about SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor here or see more SEN news here.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor Features:

  • SNMP monitoring
  • Automatically discovers connected network devices
  • Network packet analysis
  • Intelligent network maps with NetPath
  • Create WiFi heat maps
  • Alerts system
  • Reports system.

“SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor Empowers Integrators.”

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor 2 LR
SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor 2
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