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TAC Releases TIM-01A Universal Digital Timer Module

TACTICAL TIM-01A Universal Digital Timer Module has been designed to provide 8 field programmable functions controlling a Single Pole Double Throw relay with timing intervals ranging between 1 second and 99 days.

The unit must be powered by a constant 12V or 24V dc power supply and will accept either positive or negative triggering from external devices such as reed switches, request to exit buttons and access control PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers).

TIM-01 may be programmed for Fail Safe operation (relay is energised when trigger is not active & will de-energise during power failure) or Fail Secure (relay does not change state during a power failure). Programming may be changed while unit is powered, but power must be disconnected, then reconnected before changes become active as DIP switch configuration is read during boot sequence only.

Tactical Power Products’ solutions are available through CSD, Ness and Hills.

Manufacturer: Tactical Power Products
Contact: 1300-822-769, sales@tacpower.com.au


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