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Tecom ChallengerPlus Takes Access, Intrusion To Next Level

Aritech has taken the essence of the well-known and trusted Tecom Challenger10 intrusion and access control panel and evolved it into Tecom ChallengerPlus.

The latest ChallengerPlus panel firmware has cloud access with alarm reporting via UltraSync, and can run up to 32 slots for basic access control, comprising a maximum of 32 standard doors, up to 2 of which may be lifts covering 10 floors each.

According to Jeff Corr of distributor, Hills, installers and integrators can configure the panel any way they need to, allowing the system to run entire buildings especially when paired with the software.

“This makes the panel itself to be quite cost effective because it reduces hardware related requirements by installers which in turn saves time on programming and configuration,” Corr says.

ChallengerPlus connects with UltraSync which is a secure cloud solution that makes monitoring and surveillance more efficient for the user. It has 2 modes (free and by subscription) where the user can employ monitored services or self-monitor and connect to the platform so long as there is a connection to the internet.

The diagnostics of ChallengerPlus are designed to provide optimal power and access to information for whatever operation it is required for, such as poll errors for RAS and DGPs, area timers, and door details for lock, input and shunt status as well as access and shunt timer values. This means the panel is capable to send the right person to the site and understand what parts are required, reducing more time and unnecessary service. And installers benefit because basic troubleshooting can be done from the office or remotely via laptop.

“With a reporting format of Contact ID, reporting methods such as dialler, STU, IP and 3G/4G, the ChallengerPlus panel has the capability to communicate via 10 paths simultaneously meaning that your ChallengerPlus panel can report to multiple monitoring stations, and multiple software packages,” says Corr.

“Given its ability to perform in facilities covering significant spaces, ChallengerPlus is ideal for large places in constant need of high-level protection including schools and universities, banks, warehouses, public spaces, and government buildings.”


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