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Tecom Network Access Control Solution

Tecom’s Network Access Controller (NAC), manufactured by Aritech and distributed locally by Hills, is a commercial-grade access control solution that enables direct connectivity to management software.

With 2 options, a 4 or 8-door configuration, this solution is designed to replace or increase the functionality of a current 4-door controller. Within the 8 doors, a maximum of 6 readers per door can be installed alongside card or pin. Installed in this way, it’s possible to see exactly when a reader issue or failure arises, which can save time when dealing with such situations manually.

The 6 readers are also configurable as either in or out readers. There’s a choice of 3 functions based on a user’s access control needs: IP Direct Mode, IP Extended Mode, or Classic Mode. This provides the end user with flexibility on how they need to connect their controller accordingly with their security system without the main hardware that traditionally helps support the alarm features.

“It is great that Tecom has listened to the clients and developed a small, compact NAC with many features for a great price,” said Hills’ Jeff Corr. “It can be connected via classic RS485 as well as via ChallengerPlus in extended IP mode, giving the same unit many features, along with the ability to connect to almost any configuration in the market.”

Another key feature is that additional memory expansion is not required thanks to the NAC’s large memory capacity, which can locally store up to 250,000 users as well as 10,000 door groups, 50,000 history events, and 2000 time zones when connected via IP Direct Mode. What’s more, its card data supports up to 128 bits and 10-digit PIN, meaning you can utilise the NAC for an array of tasks, no matter how intricate the security requirements are. The NAC can also be used for high-rise buildings that reach up to 100 floors depending on your configuration requirements.

“I’ve seen the NAC deployed into a solution where the client was looking to have wireless Sallis, Aperio and traditional Tecom smart card operation with the least amount of hardware,” Corr said. “With the ability of the 8-door NAC, the installer was easily able to achieve this, which I think makes a unique solution.”


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