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The Interview: Mark Romer, Bluechip Infotech

Mark Romer of Bluechip Infotech chats with SEN’s John Adams about the acquisition of DNA Connect, and what it means for the electronic security market in ANZ.

JA: Tech distributor Bluechip Infotech and IT distributor DNA Connect merged earlier in the year, creating an IT/Tech distribution business that supports SMBs, resellers, and enterprise customers on a huge scale. What is the footprint of the merged business and where are its locations across ANZ?

MR: Bluechip Infotech has warehousing and sales offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and sales offices in Brisbane and Adelaide.

JA: What benefits does this merger bring customers?

MR: Customers will benefit from the national coverage, product supply, logistics, increased distribution capabilities, e–commerce for easy buying process, pre and post-sales support, access to more solutions/product development.

JA: Which are the Bluechip Infotech contact points for the electronic security industry and who are Bluechip Infotech’s potential customers – installers, integrators, sub-distributors, end users, others?

MR: Bluechip Infotech has a team of qualified electronic security industry specialists based in the Sydney office providing presales and after sales support for the Australian and New Zealand security markets. Bluechip supply products and services to systems integrators and installers across the Oceania region.

JA: Bluechip Infotech has a huge list of excellent suppliers, including some of the electronic security industry’s most respected brands – could you elaborate on security suppliers and suggest IT and networking suppliers which might be of interest in electronic security applications?

MR: Bluechip Infotech has agreements with many vendors/manufacturers with a large range of products to suit the IT and electronic security markets. The portfolio covers various vendors in cyber security, productivity platforms, unified communications, storage and backup, PCs and peripheral’s, power products, networking products, MSP tools, access control, CCTV, intruder and intercom systems. A full list of vendors is available on our web site bluechipit.com.au

JA: What are the benefits to customers of a very large distributor able to offer the best brands across security, networking, communications, and related technologies?

MR: We are a unique business having the ability to provide complete customised solutions bringing IT and electronic security together to provide seamless integration. Each of the vendor brands we represent has dedicated internal product managers who collaborate with other vendor product managers to discuss and provide solutions that suit customer requirements. We work closely with our resellers and end users to make sure we deliver solutions to benefit the end user customer.

JA: What plans does the merged DNA Connect business with Bluechip Infotech have for the electronic security industry and what areas of electronic security (CCTV, access control, alarms, automation, intercom, video/data analytics, management solutions, cloud solutions, etc), will it be focusing on?

MR: The merger between DNA Connect and Bluechip Infotech allows us to provide a collaborative approach in designing solutions across all vertical markets in the IT and electronic security sectors. As Bluechip Infotech has many products in its portfolio, it can offer products for small commercial premises up to large projects involving system integration with a complete tailored solution to support end user requirements.

Video data using analytics and AI integrated with access control is a key focus for our solutions teams while our various product managers will focus on promoting and delivering solutions across each of our brands. With key marketing initiatives and a focus on vertical market trade events, this will ensure there is a clear message in what we can deliver in the market.

JA: What are its stock holdings in the electronic security space?

MR: Part of Bluechip Infotech’s strategy is working closely with all vendors we represent to make sure we deliver products to market as quickly as possible. We have considerable stock holding in both the Sydney and Melbourne warehouse locations to support the market’s needs. We have a clear focus on customer satisfaction and having product on the shelf is a key priority for Bluechip Infotech.

JA: The distribution business is competitive – it’s not only about moving boxes and we see boutique distributors doing well with compact offerings to tight customer bases – how will Bluechip Infotech differentiate itself?

MR: We differentiate by having key people within the business that can provide solutions and advice on a range of IT and electronic security products. We can deploy a solutions team with the right expertise to design, consult and collaborate with our resellers to support any customers requirements they may have for a complete end user solution.

JA: Bluechip Infotech is not only a large-scale distribution business – the customer-centric focus of Bluechip Infotech and DNA Connect means there’s training and professional services associated with its offering.

MR: Bluechip Infotech has many online and in house training courses for our customers. We work closely with our vendors in delivering the training and information required to assist all resellers in providing the best support possible for their staff and their customers. Accredited certification training is provided directly with some of our key vendors which we manage and facilitate through our local training centres.

JA: Does Bluechip Infotech have a message for the electronic security industry?

MR: Our mission at Bluechip Infotech is to provide quality solutions based on a range of products to suit end user requirements. We have excellent stock holdings, fast delivery of products, assistance with system design, easy and simple returns processes, a dedicated team of product specialists and national coverage. Our focus is making sure we are easy to do business with and ensuring our resellers are equipped with the best knowledge and information possible to support their end user customers.

JA: You’ve been in the electronic security industry a long time, Mark – do you feel this synthesis of electronics and IT is a logical progression of market trends?

MR: Absolutely, we have seen that many modern security systems are IP based. Any electronic equipment with internet protocol will be closely related to the IT market segment. This security progression represents a net new revenue stream for IT providers and security providers who could provide security as a service in the future.

JA: Are you excited about the prospects of the business moving forward and where do you see serious opportunities for installers and integrators from a technological point of view?

MR: It’s a very exciting time for installers and integrators who can now take the opportunity to provide turnkey solutions from the IT infrastructure and security systems based on Bluechip’s offering. There are many new security products coming to Bluechip’s portfolio and the synergy between various security and IT vendors will be exciting times ahead.


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