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U-Prox From ITV At SecTech

U-Prox From ITV At SecTech Roadshow 2023.

U-Prox From ITV At SecTech Roadshow 2023.

U-Prox From ITV At SecTech – U-Prox is bringing its innovative wireless range of electronic security solutions to SecTech Roadshow 2023.

U-Prox is built on the latest research and development by ITV and offers high levels of protection, a wide range of functionality and an elegant design, whilst allowing the installer a simple, sophisticated and reliable management system.

Thanks to its innovative alert system, the U-Prox security system is designed to protect homes 24/7. All U-Prox wireless devices connect to the control panel through encrypted radio communication, while the mobile application allows users and professionals to manage all functions of the system remotely.

According to ITV, its U-Prox technology also delivers innovations in access control. The requirements for access control, security and safety systems are constantly evolving, necessitating the need for innovative technological solutions and products to enhance and replace outdated and unreliable devices.

U-Prox From ITV At SecTech

Communications technologies including WEB.IP, NFC, BLE, Mifare, cloud and wireless technologies and standards now allow for the creation of advanced products at reasonable prices.

Based on cutting edge quality and standards, ITV offers innovative solutions that provide convenience and simplicity in the setup, maintenance, and use of access control systems whilst offering optimal levels of safety.

SecTech Roadshow’s trucks a record 33 exhibitors into Brisbane on May 2 at the RICC, Sydney on May 4 at the Hordern Pavilion, Melbourne on May 9 at the MCEC, Adelaide on May 11 at the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds and Perth on May 16 at Crown Perth.

You can find out more about ITV’s U-Prox solutions here, read more about SecTech here, or read more SEN news here.

“U-Prox From ITV At SecTech Roadshow 2023.”

U Prox 2
U-Prox From ITV At SecTech Roadshow 2023.


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