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University Of Canterbury Seeks 79-Building Gallagher Upgrade

University of Canterbury in New Zealand is seeking a preferred supplier to provide the university with supply and install of new Gallagher 6000 controllers and comprehensive maintenance of its 79-building access control system.

The access control System is considered part of the University’s critical infrastructure as it controls door access and scheduling, security alarms, duress alarms and walk-in freezer alarms providing protection against personal being trapped in such areas.

It is essential that the University have continuity and the same people attending to carry out the work so a relationship can be built, and robust working practice can be gained.

Controller Upgrade

The University wants to upgrade 100 of its existing version 3000 controllers to version 6000 to allow the upgrade of the Command Centre Software to release 8.3 and beyond. There are 100 separate controller units identified in the schedule of prices appended to this tender. To achieve this the applicants must adhere to the following requirements:

* All work shall be carried out during normal operating hours of 7.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday unless previously arranged with Security and the Users of the area affected.
* Controller upgrades must be completed during this period to ensure that systems are restored to full working order before the close of business each day. An upgrade of a controller must not be started unless it can be finished in one day.
* Controllers shall be mounted securely in the location of the existing controller, screw or rail fixing is preferred method. Stick on stand offs or pads are not acceptable mountings
* Controllers shall be orientated the correct way up and wiring re-routed to suit
* All internal wiring in the interface cabinet is to be continuous length, joints or the extension of wiring in any way is not acceptable.
* Existing GBUS Devices shall be reconnected to the new 6000 Controllers
* Controller IP Address are to be the same as the existing controller new addresses will not be provided
* For pricing purposes, assume that all controllers are fully loaded, i.e. all ports are in use and will need to be tested, etc.

Comprehensive Maintenance

The current access control system infrastructure includes:

* Main Server and Test Server Maintained by UC IT
* Gallagher Software maintained by this contract
* Ilam and Dovedale Campus Building installations spread across approximately 79 Buildings
* Gallagher Doors –1282
* Gallagher Controllers – 180
* Gallagher T20 Reader – 207
* Gallagher T11 Reader – 385
* Work Stations.

This tender closes March 15 2021 – you can find out more here.


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