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University of Tasmania Seeks Enterprise Access Control Solution

UNIVERSITY of Tasmania is seeking a unified, centralised digital ID system, capable of serving multiple purposes for staff and students.

The system is to provide a digital ID for UTAS Staff and Students, as well as for other user cohorts present on UTAS campuses and sites and who also need a UTAS ID in order access to UTAS premises and services.

The Digital ID system needs to be able to work with the various devices and systems currently in use across the university; and with new systems that are in the UTAS pipeline of projects and at various stages of the project lifecycle ranging from imminent production use through to initial idea scoping.

To future-proof the system for its reasonable life, the system needs to support all major present-day ID technologies, communication standards and protocols; within context of the University, its needs, budget scope, and operational environment.

The primary purposes of the Digital ID asset issued to users are to allow staff, students and other authorised user cohorts to:

* Identify themselves to the University’s door security systems and so gain access to UTAS premises and/or to UTAS Student Accommodation;

* Identify themselves to the University’s Copy and Print Services system, and so use the University’s copy and print devices;

* Identify themselves to the UTAS Library system for the purposes of borrowing Library items; and

* Identify themselves to the University for the issuing of official documents, management of administrative enquiries and booking or referral to professional services.

All enquiries regarding this tender must be via the online forum.

The tender closes on February 28, 2018.


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