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Upgrading To 4G Antennas

"Upgrading To 4G Antennas Is Vital For 3G Sunset."

Upgrading To 4G Antennas Is Vital For 3G Sunset.

Upgrading To 4G Antennas – Upgrading to 4G antennas is vital as installers prepare customers for the 3G sunset, according to Daniel Cananzi of SCSI.

“When changing devices that are utilising external or high-gain antennas, it’s important to upgrade the antennas as well,” Cananzi said.

“Antennas are not universal. They are tuned to operate on set frequencies. Using a 3G antenna on 4G devices could damage the device with reflected power returning to the output of the device.

Upgrading To 4G Antennas

According to Cananzi, 4G antennas should be used to ensure there are no future operational issues.

“Something installers should note is that 4G devices require 2 antennas to operate effectively, they must be deployed with primary and secondary antennas, while 3G devices only required a single antenna.”

You can find out more about the Telstra 3G sunset here, chat with the SCSI team at SecTech in Adelaide tomorrow May 11, or read more SEN news here.

“Upgrading To 4G Antennas Is Vital For 3G Sunset.”


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