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Vanderbilt Feenics Cloud-Based Enterprise Access

Vanderbilt Feenics Cloud-Based Enterprise Access

Vanderbilt Feenics Cloud-Based Enterprise Access – Vanderbilt Feenics is a cloud-based enterprise access control platform that can scale up in real-time to respond to evolving needs.

Feenics allows integrators to rapidly develop and deploy enterprise security applications using a common RESTful API. Multi-server redundancy and load balancing virtually eliminates service disruption and lost connections while providing client disaster recovery, without additional servers.

Access control as a service (ACaaS) features 2-factor authentication for a secure login. Feenics automatically enables TLS 1.2 encryption for secure hardware to cloud and client to cloud communications. Feenics is available as a client desktop app, web client and mobile app.

Feenics allows customers to deploy an extensive range of technologies through a straightforward process that provides consistent performance, predicable behaviour and reliable results.

By moving infrastructure to an access control as a service (ACaaS) model, organizations can focus their time and resources where they belong: on developing innovative applications and solutions that grow their business.

Feenics is built on open architecture and fortified by the security, disaster recovery, and redundancy of Amazon Web Services. It features advanced encryption hardened on multiple fronts and has high-performance capabilities with a robust feature set enabling customization and optimization for your security operations.

You can find out more about Vanderbilt solutions from Alarmcorp.

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