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Vanderbilt GM730 Seismic Detector

Vanderbilt GM730 Seismic Detector

♦ Vanderbilt GM730 Seismic Detector is a programmable seismic detector with a 4m radius designed for safes, night deposits and ATMs.

The GM730 features a narrow band SENSTEC bimorph sensor and micro-controller-based signal evaluation with high sensitivity, even to attacks by oxygen lance, explosives, diamond-tipped drills, mechanical and hydraulic pressure tools, flame cutters, thermal-lancers or water jets.

At the same time the SENSTEC sensor is immune to environmental influences including air and structure borne noise from external disturbance sources and has high immunity to false alarms with flexible settings, digital filters and algorithms.

Vanderbilt GM730 Seismic Detector

There’s adjustable sensitivity according to specific applications (3 fixed DIP switches and 1 individual DIP setting programmable with SensTool software), and flexible installation (2 screws, test point and test LED).

According to Vanderbilt, this is the smallest, slimmest seismic sensor on the market, with the lowest power consumption – typical draw is around 3.5mA from an 8-16V DC supply voltage.

Features of GM730 include:

* Operating radius 4m/50m2
* Power supply 8-16 VDC
* Current draw is 2.5 to 3.5 mA, 5mA max
* NC alarm output, NC relay
* Tamper on cover and surface contact
* Test point output analogue integration signal
* Dip switch settings via SensTool PC Software
* 3 fixed DIP settings
* Operating temperature -40 to 70C
* Housing protection (EN 60529, EN 50102).

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