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Vesta Release Temperature Sensor

Vesta Releases Temperature Sensor With External Probe.

Vesta Releases Temperature Sensor With External Probe.

Vesta Release Temperature Sensor

Vesta Release Temperature Sensor – Vesta has released a new temperature control sensor, the TAS-9e, for smart automation of homes and businesses.

TAS-9E is a wireless temperature alarm sensor, offering a smart solution to protect your properties and valuables by monitoring the temperature and receive immediate alerts if the climate fluctuates to unsafe or undesirable levels. In addition to the built-in temperature sensor in the TAS-9E, the TAS-9E supports an external temperature probe, allowing users to monitor more precisely.

TAS-9E has 4 selectable temperature ranges for users to choose and will receive immediate alerts when the temperature exceeds the ranges. The TAS-9E acts as an early warning system and based on the information provided by the TAS-9E, users can activate appliances accordingly to protect valuable items that are vulnerable to extreme temperature levels.

This Vesta temperature sensor is suitable for residential and commercial security and home automation applications.

Vesta Release Temperature Sensor
Vesta TAS-9E

Features of Vesta Release Temperature Sensor include:

  • Temperature detection range from -10°C to 50°C
  • Transmits notification when temperature fluctuates by +/-2C
  • Regular transmission of temperature signals at designated interval
  • Compact and slim design
  • Excellent stability with high sensitivity
  • Faster speed of signal transmission, reliability, and enhanced communication range (TS-9EL-F1)
  • Low battery detection
  • Supervisory signal to ensure optimal operation
  • LED status indicator.

For more information about Vesta solutions click here and for more SEN news click here.

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