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Videx 4G GSM Intercom

Videx 4G GSM Intercom

♦ Videx 4G GSM Intercom – Videx Security has introduced a range of 4G GSM intercom systems, distributed by Engadine-based HAAST.

The new range of 4G GSM audio intercoms are available in all Videx’s GSM models, which includes the popular 4000 Series kits for developments with up to 50 apartments, the GSM digital version that caters for up to 1000 apartments, as well as the vandal resistant range and the 2270 unit, which can be integrated with Videx’s flagship VX2200 system.

The 4G GSM range has new features, including temporary dial to opens with programmable expiry times to accompany the temporary codes already available on the 2G and 3G versions, which are ideal for short term visitors to a property as their access rights automatically expire and you don’t need to deauthorise access when they leave.

The 4G intercoms can connect to 4G (with HD audio using VoLTE), 3G and 2G networks offering audio calls to any telephone number. Additional features include proximity access control, coded access and dial to open too. Other features include free access periods, access control time bands with access levels to limit users access to times and days and event logs which can be downloaded remotely and viewed online, enabling a simple way to keep track of the system’s use.

Additionally, by using the web browser events portal, it’s possible to setup alerts to events which are outside the norm where an email can be sent as notification of these events. For example, when someone needs access to a building outside normal hours. The events can be further adapted with the facility to label the intercoms and the outputs with meaningful names so that the events can be easily understood.

The new Videx 4G range is also fully customisable meaning additional coded access keypads and proximity readers for other entrances can be added and conveniently managed from one place.

Distributor: Henderson Access & Security Technology
Contact: 0414 520 459

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