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Vix Vizion Creates Enhanced Interface

Vix Vizion, developer of the Imagus Facial Recognition platform, has upgraded its user interface to enhance ease-of-use for hospitality workers.

Responding to feedback from one of the company’s largest markets, the user experience has been enhanced to offer easy sign-on, streamlined uploading of data and metrics, as well as a simplified layout and administration panel.

“Vix Vizion was really good when we told them what we needed in a platform,” said Michelle Rowley, group gaming manager at the Hurley Hotel Group. “Ease of use is important because all staff in that role need to operate the system with minimal training and supervision. Vix Vizion listened to our needs, then went away and made changes almost instantly, based on the actual end-user experiences we described to them. Our staff can sign onto the platform using their staff ID, and find their way around the system with ease.

“Having the facial recognition system removes any element of doubt for us. A staff member reported just the other day that an individual who had placed themselves on the exclusion list some years earlier tried to enter one of our venues, and looked nothing like they did in the official file photo. The staff member stated that there was no chance they would have picked up on it just by visually sighting the individual, but the Imagus platform recognised them instantly and sounded an alert.

“It is important to us to use Australian-made software wherever we can,” Rowley said. “Having the local team here, making changes in response to our ideas and requirements, has been fantastic and we know that our data never has to leave our borders. Also, Vix Vizion works really closely with our trusted integration partners so there is a strong sense of local teamwork.”

Australian owned and operated company Vix Vizion does all product development in-house.

“The fact that our development team is based in Queensland makes it faster to respond to market demands, and removes a lot of the barriers between us and our customers,” said Vix Vizion’s Fraser Larcombe. “We can take on board essential feedback directly from our customers, and action it right away if need be. That way, our Imagus platform is always set up exactly how it needs to be for the people actually in the field, who are using it every day.”

Vix Vizion has captured more than 80 percent of the hospitality market in South Australia, where the state government has introduced mandatory facial recognition in all responsible gaming venues in order to uphold the state’s opt-in self-exclusion policies.


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