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Western Digital Releases New AI-Enabled Hard Drive

WESTERN Digital Corp. (Nasdaq: WDC) has expanded its surveillance portfolio with the addition of the Purple 12TB hard drive with AllFrame AI technology claimed to support up to twice as many AI channels (16 AI channels/32 AI streams) as competitors.

According to Western Digital, Purple 12TB hard drive is the industry’s highest capacity, deep-learning-capable, surveillance-class drive and creates new possibilities in video surveillance by supporting the capture of multiple high-resolution video streams while simultaneously accessing recorded video to support deep learning and analytics.

This capability is purpose-built for emerging DVR and NVR systems with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in that it supports real-time detection of AI-triggered events at the point of capture with continuous background learning, according to the company.

Traditional video surveillance systems detect moving subjects without providing detailed analysis. New systems enable additional functions such as real-time edge analytics to better detect objects and reduce false triggers. Objects such as animals, leaves and even light can cause false alarms. AI-enabled systems not only detect the moving targets but can analyse them to help determine if they are a potential threat.

In addition, deep-learning algorithms go beyond simple movement detection to enable advanced capabilities such as facial recognition and behaviour prediction to drive advancements in the retail and entertainment industries.

“AI-enabled NVRs are being architected for new GPUs and CPUs to improve overall deep-learning capability and to speed algorithms related to object recognition and facial recognition. says Brendan Collins, vice president product marketing, devices business unit, Western Digital.

“NVRs with deep learning require greater storage capacity and more sophisticated processing, versus individual cameras, to perform more advanced analytics, such as location of an individual face image from weeks or months of stored video, or creation of traffic heat maps from hours of retail surveillance video.”


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