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What Makes Solar CCTV Ideal?

What Makes Solar CCTV Ideal?

♦ What makes solar CCTV systems ideal for isolated sites and temporary applications?

According to Hikvision’s Dean Edwards, security protection for temporary sites and assets in remote locations has always been a big challenge with no power supply or network cables available.

“Isolated sites such as farms, nature resorts, pipelines, and temporary locations, such as construction sites and annual cultural events often lack power and infrastructure, as well as experiencing all kinds of light and weather challenges,” Edwards said.

“Additionally, many of these sites require security protection on temporary bases, such as construction sites, road maintenance projects, open air music festivals, sporting events, fairs, carnivals, and many other events. When the job or event is finished, it does not make sense to continue incurring the cost of security systems.

“To address the challenges of delivering credible security to these isolated sites and temporary locations, Hikvision offers a new solar-powered security camera setup. With everything it needs for self-sustaining operation, these setups perfectly suit various remote installations.”

Advantages of solar CCTV include:

* Installation made easy
* A reliable and self-sustaining solution
* Sites safeguarded 24/7, in any weather
* A smart video system with deep learning
* A culture of sustainability.

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