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What To See AT SAGE 2021 Expo

After a year constrained by COVID lockdowns, SAGE, held in partnership with ASIS ACT and sponsored by Gallagher, is the first and only opportunity security people are going to get to see the latest technologies – and each other – in an expo environment in 2021.

Exhibitors at SAGE 2021 include Exhibitors at SAGE 2021 include Selectlock, AISM Neuro, Allegion, Avigilon, ASIS ACT, Axis Communications, Bosch, BM Doors, CIC Technology, CriticalArc, Deploy, EVVA, Ezi Security Systems, Gallagher, Geutebruck, Gunnebo,Lox Locking, Honeywell, Jack Fuse, Openeye, Pelco, A Motorola Solutions Company, Milestone, Sektor, SRA Solutions, Sensing Products, Quest, Traka and Warrgambi. Each is bringing is latest and best security solutions to the event.

Command Centre 8.60 Hero Image RGB.jpg MR

SAGE is the first expo in Australia at which security people will get the chance to preview Gallagher’s second software update for 2021, Command Centre v8.60. This latest version of Command Centre centralised management platform offers features and enhancements that help end users build for the future, including an increase in the supported number of controllers and workstations, a new user interface for Active Directory synchronization, easy integration with cloud technology, and the ability to access Gallagher Command Centre Mobile from anywhere.SafeZone LR 1024x543 1

The latest version of CriticalArc’s SafeZone unified safety, security and emergency management solution is designed to keep your team safe wherever they are through real-time coordination and response. Vital, SafeZone can effectively respond to incidents of any scale. SafeZone’s Operational Insights streamlines day-to-day operations, as well as delivering post-incident knowledge to optimise future response. As well as handling major incidents, SafeZone can also support lone worker safety, personal alarms, travelling staff, and introduce a new level of engagement with those you support.


Geutebruck will show its latest G-Core/G-SIM, via which, all CCTV system and interfaced third-party system information is bundled at a single point and controlled locally and in geographically distributed locations. Vehicle Access Manager (VAM/LPR) provides the ability to manage license plate recognition data and includes database functions specifically adapted for yard management in logistics. The system can assign vehicles to service providers, drivers, contact data or orders, while access roads can be assigned to completely different workplaces. Various gatekeeper seats, traffic lanes (entrance or exit), media channels (cameras), users and license plate recognition systems can all be linked with recognized license plates.

The health monitoring software (G-Health) carries out a permanent function check of your hardware components and provides early warning of critical conditions. Something to look out for is the G-SIM X PANOPTICON Management Console.

FLIR Sektor

Well worth checking out if you are protecting large sites, including ports, defence, utilities and high value mining and industrial operations, is the FLIR Triton FH-Series from Sektor. These are ruggedized, multispectral fixed cameras that integrate industry-leading thermal imaging for detection with 4K visible imaging to help identify intruders in harsh perimeter security settings.

Features such as accurate convolutional neural network-based video analytics for both thermal and visible spectrums minimize false alarms and aid in geo-locating threats for superior situational awareness. The on-board scheduling tool gives the operator the ability to select the type of analytics used to make detections based on time of day, business hours, and seasonality. Additionally, radiometric versions of the Triton FH-Series can be used for early fire detection applications to help critical sites operate safely and efficiently.

Open Eye Web Services 1

Something else to see is the U.S. developed OpenEye solution, a cloud-managed video surveillance solution deployed using Open Eye Web Services (OWS). OWS enables multi-site video surveillance recorders to be viewed, managed and maintained centrally utilising the cloud, without the need for expensive and complex network and server architecture. It sounds amazing – for organisations going through serious digital transitions, it’s going to be well worth a look.

SAGE attendees will see how the OWS Platform provides users the tools needed to take control of their entire video surveillance installation using one web-enabled interface. With this interface users can streamline the management of recorders, users and permissions by moving them to the OWS cloud platform saving time, money and reducing complexity.

VS 2021 FLEXIDOME multi 7000i NDM 770x A 47453.jpg MR

SAGE people are also going to see Bosch FLEXIDOME multi 7000i in action for the first time. Winner of the ASIAL CCTV Camera of The Year for 2021, FLEXIDOME multi 7000i combines multi-directional overviews with actionable insights for wide-area coverage applications. It offers IR and non-IR models that provide 12 or 20-megapixel resolution to deliver highly detailed multi-directional overviews, these overviews are combined with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) to support predictive solutions in wide-area coverage applications such as intersections, public spaces, and retail.

Each image sensor, offering 3 or 5-megapixel resolution, attaches a layer of metadata to video feeds to convert video data into actionable insights. It helps customers anticipate unforeseen events and prevent them from happening. The cameras offer maximum flexibility since every image sensor can be configured independently with up to 16 video analytics rules, enabling customers to decide what to focus on per scene. You can see the multi 7000i on stand 18.

EnforceAir MR 1

Sensing Products will be showcasing its new counter drone system by D-Fend called EnforceAir at SAGE this year. Ideal for a range of high security applications, the EnforceAir Counter Drone system has radio frequency takeover cyber technology. The system detects, tracks and has the ability to fend off or take control of drones invading your aerial perimeter. EnforceAir is non-jamming, non-kinetic and requires no-line of sight and can provide a barrier that prevents unauthorised drones from entering restricted areas, as well as offering the capability to safely takeover and safely land drones.

The D-Fend system, in either autonomous or manual mode, detects, locates and identifies rogue drones in your airspace and then neutralises the threat by allowing you to take full control over the drone and land it safely in a predefined zone.

Everbridge scaled 1

Quest and Everbridge will be showing their critical event management for government resiliency – at SAGE there will be a live command and control centre set up for the event, showcasing Everbridge Visual Command Centre. This CEM platform offers real time visualization and situational awareness for managing before, during and after, critical events.

The system automates manual processes, which serves to increase a government department or agency’s efficiency, while providing better intelligence and correlation of threats with locations of assets and people. This ensures a more rapid and comprehensive incident assessment and remediation.

Honeywell Type 1A.png MR

Also exhibiting at SAGE 2021 is Honeywell, which has provided high security solutions in Australia for over 30 years. As part of this years’ expo, Honeywell is showing its new Type 1A Central Supervisory System (CSS), a solution that’s designed to meet Type 1A security requirements of the Australian Government and its agencies, as well as other key technology focusing on OT cyber security, as well as innovative technologies that streamline the access, visitor and contractor management processes. With its focus on collaborating with customers and industry partners, and delivering integrated solutions for the critical infrastructure space, Honeywell’s team is well worth a visit at SAGE.

Torus image for SEN

CIC is showing the Australian-engineered and made Torus Solution. With Torus, stakeholders receive SMS and email alerts in real time for any required activity including missing or overdue keys. The cabinets securely connect to Torus software via the internet. No software installation is required, making the system perfect for organisations with multiple locations, nationally or internationally. Torus incorporates the latest encryption and identity management, as well as multi-factor authentication, one-time PINs and ‘over the air’ updates.

Immotus Bollard

Gunnebo is bringing its Immotus shallow mount bollard to SAGE. Immotus protecting buildings and infrastructure against acts of terrorism and ‘hostile vehicles’. This bollard is quick, easy and cost-effective, requiring a shallow foundation of only 400mm. This makes it ideal for urban areas and other high-density locations with underground infrastructure or limitations. Immotus has been tested to IWA-14-1 and has resisted a 7200 kg truck traveling at 64km/h, with <0.4 penetration in a single bollard test. This innovative bollard is available in a variety of colours and finishes and seamlessly blends into any environment.

iLok S50.jpg MR

Selectlok Digital is showing the new iLOQ S50 series, which offers battery-free remote access. Using NFC technology in a ground-breaking way, a smartphone is not only the access key but also the power source for the lock being opened, which eliminates the need for maintenance, batteries or cabling. The end-to-end dedicated software package gives total control to the administrator, with instant updates on all activity around your locking system also creating blocklists that eliminate unauthorised access.
There’s AES256 encryption via hardware token that ensures only the right users have access to data across the integrable online and offline mechanical range of iLOQ S50 electronic security products, and the product is manufactured to high standards in Oulu, Finland. See iLOQ on stand 23 at SAGE.

4KS side

EVVA Australia is showing its SCEC-approved (including SL3 rated products) EVVA 4KS Maximum Security Master Key System. EVVA says its 4KS master key system has the longest patent life of any similar system in Australia, is tested to Australian standards, and meets Australian Federal Government SCEC approval including SL3 rated products. The reversible high quality nickel silver 4KS key with overlapping curve technology has additional coding profiles that provide up to 133 billion possible key combinations, allowing you to implement most complex keying matrix hierarchies that are easily scaled for future expansion.

There’s an active slider placement facilitated by a springless system design which delivers optimum performance in salty, dusty, or dirty areas, where lock cylinders have small springs driving locking pins get clogged, affecting operation. EVVA Australia tightly controls the supply of key blanks which cannot be cut on even the most advanced keying machines without a restricted software licence, and unlike many other systems, key machines are not able to decode the 4KS keys, thereby offering an advanced level of technical protection to the system owner.

At SAGE 2021 Warrgambi will be demonstrating its new Drone Surveillance Control Centre solution and performing remotely controlled Drone Flights at an offsite location. This demonstration will provide users an insight in how this technology can assist security and general operations across large scale campuses and facilities.
Warrgambi is an Australian-owned, Supply Nation-certified fire, security and data communications integrator that provides services to government and corporate clients across Australia. Services include fire detection and suppression systems, electronic access control, CCTV solutions, electronic key management, guarding services, drone surveillance and photogrammetry, speed gates and revolving doors.

Another supplier not to be missed by big organisations managing high security entrances is BM Doors, an Australian-owned and managed business in the high security commercial door industry. BM Doors has a range of fully assembled doorsets for SL3 and SL4 with inhouse timber and metal door manufacturing capabilities. The BM Doors entire doorset range has been designed and developed around industry knowledge, construction constraints and with clients’ needs for buildability and adjustability firmly in mind.


AISM Neuro will present its latest facial recognition solutions at SAGE. AISM Neuro technology combines autonomous artificial intelligence with advanced facial recognition to mimic the human brain’s ability to recognise faces. Backed by over 250 patents, it uses continual learning and rapid algorithms to match unique signatures of the human face. While artificial intelligence (AI) tools have traditionally been expensive, complex, and out of reach for many smaller organisations, AISM Neuro says it has disrupted the market with its world-leading facial recognition software, cameras, and installation services perfect for Australian business owners.

AISM Neuro needs only 50 per cent of the face for accurate recognition, works in all light, is ethnicity neutral, matches historical images up to 30 years old, scans hours of footage in minutes, and works seamlessly with most existing surveillance cameras. The system delivers enterprise-level AI capabilities to all businesses quickly, simply, and affordably in a solution never available before. Privacy and security central and the system captures a mathematical signature of faces, not the actual images, which can’t be recreated. The system also blurs the faces of people who don’t match the search parameters and meets the highest privacy standards as set out by UK GDPR.

Jack Fuse Power Port

Showing at SAGE for the first time is Jack Fuse, which brings a range of essential fire alarm interface, power distribution and termination solutions to security systems in thousands of buildings Australia-wide. Jack Fuse compact all-in-one Power Port modules are compatible with all security panels and the team says they have become the gold standard solution for safely distributing power to electric locks and security peripherals.

Pelco is bringing a new fisheye camera to SAGE. This unit features built-in AI-powered Pelco Smart Analytics which detect critical events and help increase security teams’ productivity by expediting real-time responses and forensic investigations. This Pelco panoramic camera is a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution that provides 360-degree views of large areas from a single vantage point, bringing superior situational awareness free from any blind spots and has a sleek, low-profile design making it ideal for discrete applications.


thumbnail SAGE OCT21 960x105 1


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