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Wi-Fi PIR For Smart Home Market

A new Wi-Fi PIR sensor called the Shelly Motion has been released by Allterco Robotics of Bulgaria featuring a 6500mAh rechargeable battery giving 12 months operation thanks to Silicon Labs low-draw wireless IoT technology.

The new sensor has an optimum range of around 7.5 metres, a mounting height of around 2 metres and features 256 detection sensitivity levels, 128 vibration sensitivity levels and operates without a hub, opening up an array of creative applications.

Shelly Motion is compatible with Alexa, Home Assistant and SmartThings, and has an open API allowing it to be controlled by third-party home automation platforms. It can also connect to other sensors in the home to drive motion events.

The sensor remains connected to the Wi-Fi network 24/7, delivering real-time response (less than 200ms on average) and instant detection of movement. This combination of features also enables Shelly Motion to trigger immediate smart home actions by other devices, such as turning on the lights when a person enters a room.

While the sensor can function without a hub, there are 2 hub modes should they be required: Access Point mode and Client Mode. To operate in Client Mode, the hub needs to be located within range of the sensor for Wi-Fi connectivity. When it is successfully connected to the WiFi network, the lens glows blue. Using the dedicated Shelly app, a homeowner can also control the device remotely from a smartphone.

The sensor is a slender oval design that’s smaller than other wireless PIRs and its standard white colour makes it unobtrusive.
After the initial charging of the battery, the mounting bracket is installed with a single screw. The sensor connects to the bracket via a simple gimbal dowel, allowing it to pivot.

“Our first WiFi motion sensor combines the powerful, yet easy to use features customers have come to expect from Shelly products combined with the cutting edge IoT technology from Silicon Labs, says Dimitar Dimitrov, CEO of Allterco Robotics, which opened a U.S. office in Las Vegas in 2020. “We are committed to working with the best in the industry to deliver accessible, proven smart home products and look forward to announcing more innovations with Silicon Labs in the months to come.”

Features of Shelly Motion include:

* Affordable – the sensor will cost around $US39

* Real-Time Response: With quick motion detection capability, in less than 200ms – the sensor can trigger action to any connected device, such as turning on the air-conditioner or opening room window shutters

* Sensitivity: The unique 256 levels of sensitivity will allow you to adjust extremely precisely the distance and the movement to which the sensor activates alarm events

* Tamper Detection: With 128 levels of vibration sensitivity, Shelly Motion will immediately inform homeowners if someone touches the device or tries to dislocate or move it from its initial position

* No Hub Required: Shelly Motion can be controlled directly without using a hub and is compatible with any standard WiFi router

* Customized Schedule: Homeowners can customize sensors’ actions, like controlling other devices, based on days, hour, light intensity, sunset and sunrise or any defined personal preferences.


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