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Wisenet WAVE Version 5.0

Wisenet WAVE Version 5.0

♦ Wisenet WAVE Version 5.0 from EOS features enhanced usability and administration features, including advanced object search, metadata driven archive backup options, web page proxy via servers, resource grouping and audio mapping.

This latest version of Hanwha’s VMS incorporates desktop client automatic updates, server web admin interface design, video preview thumbnails, and stronger cyber security measures, such as encrypted archives and more secured connections.

Advanced object search means operators can now use the new advanced object search to search for objects identified by analytics and stored in video archives by attributes (object type, colour, gender, age, clothing, etc) in a new pop-out window.

Metadata-driven backup means that in addition to being able to do real-time, scheduled, or on-demand backups, archive backups can now be configured to allow backup of recorded video archives based on associated system metadata – including motion, bookmarks, or objects.

Resource grouping lets operators can now group resources (cameras, streams, encoders, web pages) in the client which can be used in roles and permissions, and for faster navigation of large systems – note that groups are limited to the server level and will disappear if dragged.

Audio mapping allows operators can use audio capabilities from different devices together. For example, an audio source from a camera or I/O module with a microphone can be used as an audio source for another camera. Another example – a 2-way audio button can be placed on a camera without a microphone and used with a different camera that has a speaker attached to it.

Encrypted archives When enabled, mean recorded video archives will be encrypted and viewable only in the desktop, mobile, and web clients – this works on any hard drive or storage medium – the system owner creates the encryption key.

Video preview thumbnails mean that when in In Windows and macOS desktop clients, users can now hover over the timeline to preview video in thumbnail format.

More secured connections ensure that all VMS server connections use SSL/TLS certificate pinning to render man-in-the-middle attacks impossible. VMS servers and clients also use new session-based (bearer token) authentication by default.

Distributor: EOS Australia
Contact: 61 2 9749 5888

Features of Wisenet WAVE Version 5.0:

* Advanced object search
* Metadata Driven Archive Backup Options
* Web Page Proxy via Servers
* Resource Grouping
* Audio Mapping
* Desktop Client Automatic Updates
* Server Web Admin Interface Design
* Video Preview Thumbnails.

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