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WizSense 3X66 From SecuSafe

WizSense 3X66 From SecuSafe

♦ WizSense 3X66 From SecuSafe – SecuSafe reports it has stocks of the new Dahua WizSense 3X66 series cameras with enhanced AI chips.

Cameras in the WizSense 3X66 series are equipped with a new deep learning algorithm and are SMD 4.0 optimized to filter out small and large animals in the scene to avoid triggering false alarms and increases the detection accuracy rate to 99 per cent. Neat, too, SMD 4.0 can detect the colour information of clothing and vehicle for data support of quick search after an event.

Another feature is Quick Pick technology, which can quickly identify human/vehicle targets of interest, optimizing the search for relevant SMD events. With integration of intelligent functions of both cameras and recorders, this feature can search human/vehicle targets based on an AI algorithm that can extract and compare clothing and vehicle colours.

AI Scene Self-Adaption technology is based on deep learning algorithm that can intelligently identify multiple scenes and adjust to their optimal images. Meanwhile, AI Coding helps to maintain image quality while saving storage costs. Based on CBR (constant bit rate), WizSense AI Coding dynamically allocates bit rate, providing clear target images while saving more than 25 per cent bit rate compared with H.265.

3X66 series cameras include:

* DH-IPC-HFW3666EP-AS-AUS 6MP IR Fixed-focal Bullet
* DH-IPC-HFW3666TP-ZAS-AUS 6MP IR Vari-focal Bullet
* DH-IPC-HDBW3666EP-AS-AUS 6MP IR Fixed-focal Dome
* DH-IPC-HDBW3666RP-ZAS-AUS 6MP IR Vari-focal Dome
* DH-IPC-HDW3666TP-ZS-AUS 6MP IR Vari-focal Eyeball
* DH-IPC-HDW3666EMP-S-AUS 6MP IR Fixed-focal Eyeball
* DH-IPC-HDW3641EM-S-S2 6MP IR Fixed focal Eyeball.

Contact SecuSafe for more information on the Dahua 3X66 series.

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