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6 Best Smart Locks In 2022

Cylinder locks will soon be obsolete in some applications, with wireless smart locks replacing traditional locks and keys and allowing owners to unlock doors using a pin-code, or an NFC-enabled smart phone secured with face recognition.

Smart locks allow visitors, delivery companies, and service providers such as dog walkers, maintenance teams and house cleaners to easily access sites. As well as providing convenience, security, and cost effectiveness for property managers and owners, they eliminate the need to rekey doors when residents move out.

From the point of view of security installers, if you’re considering smart locks for a customer, do your homework and figure out which type is ideal for their residence or building – that means keeping an eye on the latest developments and talking with your customer.

What Are They And How Do They Work?

A smart lock is a unitised locking device that’s powered by an integrated battery and communicates using wireless. Thanks to the miniaturisation of electronics, including batteries and transmitter/receivers, these locks are not much bigger than ordinary locks.

Operationally, they incorporate a mechanism that withdraws a tongue or bolt from the keeper in the door jamb allowing access and they typically include a handle allowing manual override in the event of loss of power, or if they are integrated with a fire alarm system, which will cause them to fail them open in an alarm event.

Smart locks need to be as robust as any other door hardware – this robustness needs to apply to their electronics, too, which is why NFC or tag-drive smart locks are excellent for external applications – fewer moving parts and exposed vulnerabilities.

Operationally, these locks are not complex. Once they are talking to the app of a home automation system or a standalone app, you can use a PIN on your phone or on the lock to gain access, or you can use the app as an NFC credential, and it will open when your phone is in proximity of the door.

There are a number of smart locks available from suppliers in the security industry that we rate highly – you should bear in mind that your want good support for smart locks – they are too integral to customer experience, security and safety to be taken lightly.

In our opinion 6 top smart locks in 2022 include the SALTO KS XS4, Schlage Encode smart Wi-Fi deadbolt, the August Wi-Fi smart lock, the Nest X Yale lock with Nest Connect, Halo WiFi-enabled smart door lock and the Schlage Connect smart deadbolt. There are others, including ASSA ABLOY’s capable Aperio range. Something to note is that deadbolts offer higher security, as the bolt is harder to pry out of the keeper. At the same time, a deadbolt that is acceptable in a home may clash with fire regulations in other applications.

At the same time, be sure the aperture in the jamb is deep enough to allow the bolt to fully extend – failure to achieve a full extension may result in constant duty and oscillating locking attempts, trouble events and rapid battery failure. A half-extended bolt is also less secure.

Something to bear in mind here is that our list includes some gear that’s not designed to network, some that is not designed to network to scale and, given these are wireless options, locks which are going to have issues with long range comms around reinforced concrete.


xs4 one header


SALTO KS is the company’s most robust and adaptable access control solution. Building managers can assign roles and manage rights for renters, service providers, property workers, and other users via a web or mobile application. You can also use a 24/7 feed to monitor door activity and send mobile keys to visitors.

SALTO’s XS4 smart lock is a simple yet secure option in terms of hardware. The XS4 can be readily placed on practically any style of door, including those with small frames because it does not require hard wiring. The XS4 smart lock is available in three varieties in the United States the original, a keypad model, and the XS4 compact for cylindrical latches.

The best thing is that SALTO KS works hand-in-hand with ButterflyMX to provide the most frictionless property access experience possible.


Schlage Encode Smart

Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

The Schlage Deadbolt is easy to install and comes with built-in WiFi, giving residents and property managers complete access from anywhere. The system also works with a number of cloud-based access control providers, including Brivo and Vanderbilt. You’ll have perfectly seamless building access when you link it with a video intercom like ButterflyMX.

This technology also works with voice requests via Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. You may give friends and family quick access to your apartment with customised access codes, and you’ll be notified if someone tries to open your lock.

An added bonus, there are several distinct styles to pick from, so you’ll most likely be able to find one that complements your building’s decor.

August Wi Fi Smart Lock scaled 1

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is compact, WiFi-enabled, and simple to install. Unlike most other smart locks on the market, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock just requires you to replace the inside portion of your deadbolt. This implies that if your tenants want, they can keep their original keys.

The smart lock also has a sensor that can detect when your door is closed, allowing for auto-locking and unlocking through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. August may lock or unlock your door whether it is closed or when you approach it. You can also use the mobile app to generate temporary virtual keys.

Nest X Yale Lock

Nest X Yale Lock with Nest Connect

The Nest X Yale Lock with Nest Connect is designed to connect with the Nest app and allows you to lock and unlock your door with a tap of your finger from anywhere. Residents can set up to 20 passcodes to allow house cleaners, dog walkers, and other service providers access to their unit when they are not present.

This smart lock includes a number of useful extra functions, such as an automated reminder, so tenants never have to worry about forgetting to lock the door. The Nest X is simple to install, requiring only a screwdriver, and the configuration is straightforward.

The fact that this smart lock features a small speaker on the right side and two terminals on the bottom in case the lock’s batteries die is a unique feature that we like. This smart lock only accepts voice instructions via Google Assistant.

Halo Wi Fi Enabled Smart Door.jpg MR

Halo Wi-Fi-Enabled Smart Door Lock

The Halo Smart Door Lock pairs with the Kwikset app to allow you to remotely lock and unlock your door as well as monitor activities. Anyone who wants access to the unit can establish codes, which can be created by both property managers and occupants. Halo makes it simple to limit codes by date or time.

This lock links to Bluetooth, allowing you to use your smartphone to unlock it. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to lock and unlock the door using only your voice. The battery life of this smart lock is short – only 6 months.

Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt

Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt

The Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt is simple to use and set up. This lock is ANSI/BHMA Grade 1, which means it provides the highest level of home security. The touchscreen is fingerprint-resistant, and there is loud alarm siren built-in should it be attacked.

There’s a vacation mode, which disables all codes and only allows admission by key, while ZigBee smart lights can be programmed to turn on when the door is unlocked and off when the door locks.

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