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ABAX2 Wireless Alarm Just Arrived

ABAX2 Wireless Alarm Arrived – ABAX2, an encrypted bi-directional wireless system from Satel, is distributed in ANZ by Security Distributors Australia.

Covering distances up to 2000m in open air, ABAX2 wireless alarm can handle very large sites and there’s 4 models of motion detectors, smoke detector, panic button, glass break detector, internal and external optical and acoustic sirens, along with multi-purpose transmitters.

“ABAX2 is not just for security applications however,” said SDA’s Cherri Forbes. “There are flood detectors, dusk sensors, temperature monitors, controllable 240V AC relays and fully customisable key fobs.”

ABAX2 Wireless Alarm Just Arrived

The receiver operates as a standalone device, or can be used with any existing hard wired system, as well as integrating into Satel’s Integra Alarm and Automation system.

ABAX2 uses 4 channels in the 915MHz frequency band and changes channels based on site conditions such as noise and interference to ensure the most efficient data transmission. Comprehensive diagnostics constantly monitor signal strength and power status, and the optional ECO mode allows for some devices’ batteries to last up to 8 years.

SDA ships ABAX2 Wireless Alarm all over Australia and New Zealand – to find out more about ABAX2 Wireless Alarm and the Satel range of products please contact the team on 1300 882 101 or visit them here.

More SEN News here.

ABAX2 Wireless Alarm Just Arrived


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