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ZigBee Power Relay Switch

PRS5-ZBS ZigBee Power Relay Switch Distributed By CSM.PRS5-ZBS ZigBee Power Relay Switch Distributed By CSM.ZigBee Power Relay Switch SpecificationsZigBee power relay switch - The product is a ZigBee power relay switch, allowing users to...

DAS Nail Risco Partnership

DAS Has Announced A Partnership With RiscoDAS Nail Risco PartnershipDAS Nail Risco Partnership - DAS officially distributes RISCO’s full suite of electronic security solutions, making it the largest RISCO distributor in the Australian market.RISCO...

Art of Logic AI Turbo-Charge

Art of Logic Partnership Will Turbo-Charge AIArt of Logic AI Turbo-Charge - The company has announced a partnership with Hailo & Maris Technology, as well as the development of new high performance edge AI...

Breakthrough EOL Connection

Breakthrough EOL Connection From Jack FuseBreakthrough EOL Connection - The new ATMOD quick connect EOL resistor pack from Jack Fuse eliminates common termination faults and cuts security installation costs.End of line (EOL) resistor circuits...

ADT New Self-Setup App

ADT Releases New Self-Setup App for Google NestADT New Self-Setup App – ADT’s new self-setup app for Google Nest, ADT+, allows DIY customers to handle their own commissioning, as well as seamlessly integrating smart...

DAS Continues Expansion In 2023

DAS Continues Expansion In 2023. Following re-launch of updated and additional branches in recent months, DAS reports the team is continuing to improve customer’s overall in-branch experience.“Since October we have either moved branches...

New Risco WiComm Pro

LSC has strong stock levels of new Risco WiComm ProNew Risco WiComm Pro - the next generation wireless alarm system from RISCO Group - is now available from LSC.According to LSC's intrusion product manager,...

Aiphone IX Remote Programming Plunge

Aiphone IX Remote Programming PlungeAiphone IX remote programming service allows techs to create and download IX Series intercom program files.Aiphone IX remote programming service allows easy build, edit, and save of programming files using...

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